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roll up business plan

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Have it in any flavor you'd like. Served with Milk â almond â banana â coconut â classic Bubble tea â coffee â honeydew â mango â papaya â strawberry â taro served without Milk â blueberry â green Apple â honey â kiwi â lemon â lychee â mango â passion. During summer months, capital Bubble tea cafe will subsidize lower hot beverage sales with frozen coffee drinks, as well as soft drinks, and other cold beverages. Capital Bubble tea cafe will also have special beverages during holiday seasons, such as Egg Nog during the Christmas season and Hot Apple cider in the fall. Capital Bubble tea cafe primary desire will be to listen to its customers to ascertain what they are looking for most, and provide. Market Analysis Bubble tea is specialist drink increasingly being offered in cafÃs, coffees shops and bars. Owing to their influences, bubble tea cafÃs are often Asian-themed in dÃcor and may also sell Asian snacks and food.

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The tapioca pearls require an hour for preparation, and they expand considerably when cooked. After they are cooked through but before they become too soft, the pearls are drained and poured into assignment a sugar-water solution, and are ready for use. Some cafes use a non-dairy milk substitute, instead of milk because many east Asians are lactose intolerant. This adds a distinct flavor and consistency to the drink. As time has moved on new generations of bubble drinks have come into being, such as, the 'snow Bubble.' This 'Snow Bubble' drink is a slushie-like drink where you choose one of many fruit flavors and it is mixed in with shaved ice to make. Bubble tea can be made at home, but preparing tapioca pearls can be quite labor intensive as the tapioca pearls must be consumed immediately to maintain freshness and not lose their soft gummy texture. It's easier to skip making it yourself and head down to the various Bubble tea shops which have sprung. Bubble teas Authentic Asian tea drinks, created with the finest ingredients chosen from around the world. Choice of Black or Green teas. Try our new frozen Bubble teas.

The drink originally started as a childhood treat in taiwan in the late 1980's at small tea stands in front of the schoolhouses. Teenagers and elementary school children looked forward to their after school tea. Tapioca pearls are made mostly from tapioca starch. Tapioca starch is starch made from tapioca or bitter-cassava plant, sometimes called manioca or yuca in some parts of the world. The bitter-cassava plant is native to south America and was introduced into Asia sometime during the 19th century. Someone came up with the idea management of adding tapioca pearls as a bit of novelty, and the idea spread. This created a new fad of adding tapioca pearls into the children's favorite tea drinks. When ordering, customers may be asked whether they want 'pearls' or 'boba' in their drinks, and both terms refer to the tapioca balls.

roll up business plan

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Being heavier than the drink they tend to always stay near the bottom of buy the glass. These drinks are usually served in large see-through plastic containers with an extra-wide straw to sip these jumbo pearls. Just sucking on the translucent straw creates a show, with pearls floating up in succession. Children like to blow the balls out from the straw to shoot at targets or at each other. Some people find the tapioca balls bizarre and repelling. If you try it and like it - you'll crave the drink and never look at coffee the same way again! The bubble tea craze has been huge in taiwan and other parts of southeast Asia for the last 15 years. In fact, bubble tea has taken taiwan by storm over the past decade.

The tea is sweet, though it has less sugar than a typical soft drink. There are a huge variety of flavors to try, depending on the tea house or stand you visit. The drink is usually a mix of tea, milk, sugar, and giant black tapioca balls. The "bubble" refers to the foam created by shaking the freshly brewed tea with ice (the drink must always be shaken and not stirred). For the first-timers, ordering a bubble tea can be an event. The tea is likely to be in pastel colors of pink, green or yellow. The unique ingredient of Bubble tea is the tapioca pearl. About the size of pearls or small marbles, they have a consistency like gummy candy (soft and chewy).

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roll up business plan

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 a phonographic Performance license and Performing Right Society license is required if playing background music. Capital Bubble tea cafe is a start-up company. Financing will come from the partners' capital and a ten-year sba loan. Start-up Expenses Legal 1,000 Advertising 1,000 Stationery 1,000 Premise renovation 20,000 Expensed equipment 30,000 Other 1,000 Total Start-up Expense 54,000 Cash Balance on Starting Date 35,000 Other Short-term Assets 11,000 Total Short-term Assets 46,000 Total Requirements 100,000 Funding Investment Smith 50,000 Jones 50,000 Total Investment. Move over trendy coffee drinks and make way for the new drink craze that is going on right now, especially in communities with large Asian populations. Over the last year or so, bubble tea has moved beyond their roots in the predominately Asian suburbs and gained in popularity across the world.

Especially popular with young adults in larger cities; others are now accepting this drink craze. What is Bubble tea? Bubble tea is the catch-all name for endless unusual names of this drink such as: tapioca pearl drink, tapioca ball drink, pearl shake, pearl tea, black pearl tea, big pearl, boba tea, boba ice tea, boba nai cha, milk tea, bubble drink, zhen zhu nai. This drink is far from the plain-looking tea that you are generally familiar with and it is hard to general explain to the uninitiated. It is non-alcoholic and non-carbonated.

Sourcing supplies will be an important consideration, particularly due to the specialist nature of bubble tea. Many suppliers are based in the us so you may need to think about ordering goods from abroad. See m, m, m and z for examples of suppliers. Possible initial and ongoing costs include: â drinks machines â 200-500. Â chairs, tables, sofas. Â a display counter.

A refrigerated counter costs approximately 800-1,100. Â a glass fronted refrigerator for cold drinks â from 400. Â a pastry display case â 850-1,400. Â a till - from 100. Â a dishwasher â 600-1,100. Â crockery and cutlery. For example cups (50-60 for a box of 24). However, the shop may also want to use disposable cups and cutlery.

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Company ownership, capital Bubble tea cafe is incorporated in the state of Capital City. Its two partners equally own. Substantial capital may be melisande required to set up a bubble tea cafe; but it can be possible to set up quite cheaply. Suitable premises will need to be leased and some thought should be given to location, as passing trade will be important. A central location will be expensive. The appearance of the shop will also be vital, therefore some consideration should be given to appropriate fixtures and fittings. It may be possible to lease some of the equipment needed and drinks companies such as Coca-cola may offer advantageous rental terms for drinks fridges. It will be necessary to register your business with the environmental health department of your local authority at least 28 days prior to commencing trade.

roll up business plan

 management: we will need to have a firm grasp on beverage, and labor costs. The bubble tea cafe experience must be delivered in a fashion that will not only inspire repeat business, but also encourage word-of-mouth recommendations to others.  proper inventory, employee management, and quality control are key. Keys to success, keys to success for Capital Bubble tea cafe will include: â mobile providing the highest quality product with personal customer service. Capital Bubble tea cafe is a bubble tea cafe managed by two partners. These partners represent sales/management and finance/administration areas, respectively. The partners will provide funding from their own savings, which will cover start-up expenses and provide a financial cushion for the first months of operation. A ten-year Small Business Administration (SBA) loan will cover the rest of the required financing. The company plans to build a strong market position in the town, due to the partners' industry experience and mild competitive climate in the area.

systems to save valuable time, effort, and money. Capital Bubble tea cafe aims to offer high quality bubble tea, as well as pastry products, at a competitive price to meet the demand of the middle- to higher-income local market area residents and tourists. Objectives â beverages and entertainment are our products. They must be of the high quality and value. Â service: Our patrons are paying to have a good time. Their experience will suffer if service is not of the highest caliber. Each member of the staff will be courteous, efficient, and attentive. Â marketing: we will need to target our audience early and often. While the business is located in a central and accessible location, many people will have to be reintroduced to the neighborhood.

Ice is then added and the drink shaken to create the bubble effect. Bubble tea is often referred to as pearl shake, tapioca ball drink; boba ice tea and bubble drink among other things. The term "bubble" refers to the tapioca balls in the drink. These chewy tapioca balls, or "pearls are consumed along with the beverage through a wide straw. Bubble tea is especially popular in many east Asian and southeast Asian regions such as taiwan, Brunei, china (including Hong Kong and Macau malaysia, the Philippines, singapore, south Korea, thailand, Indonesia, vietnam and Australia. Capital Bubble tea cafe will be Asian-themed in dÃcor and we will also sell Asian pastries, snacks and food. Capital Bubble tea cafe will be situated in a fashionable area of Capital City, populated by urban professionals with high disposable incomes and an interest in alternative eating and drinking venues. Compared to opening a full drinking size restaurant, the start up costs to open a bubble tea cafe are low. The wide range of our contacts relationships mean we will open a bubble tea cafe with minimal investment ensuring we get the biggest bang for our buck.

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Download, report, description, executive summary mission keys to success Company summary company Ownership Company history Product/Service description Market Analysis Market Segmentation Target Market. Transcript, executive summary, mission, keys to success, company summary. Company Ownership, company history, product/Service description, market Analysis. Market Segmentation, target Market Segment Strategy, market needs. Service business Analysis, competition and buying Patterns, strategy and Implementation. Competitive edge, management team, executive summary, capital Bubble tea cafe is a start-up bubble tea cafe that will also offer a selection of bakery products, located in Capital City, statesville. Capital Bubble tea cafe expects to catch the interest of a regular loyal customer base with its broad variety of bubble tea as well as pastry products. Bubble tea is specialist drink increasingly being offered in cafÃs, coffees shops and bars. It originates from Asia and is made up of hot or umum cold tea, milk, sugar and giant black tapioca balls.

Roll up business plan
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