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To look for evidence would mean digging right though the hearts of villages and displacing people. We only have to look at the people to figure out the similarities in their lives and the depiction in the ramayana and the mahabharata. For instance, the ramayana mentions that Rama had travelled to Bhadrachalam (in Andhra Pradesh ). A look at the people and the fact that his having lived there for a while is in the collective memory of the people cannot be discounted in the search for material evidence. In continuing civilisations such as ours, the writing of history cannot depend only on archaeological evidence. We have to depend on folklore too.

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Scientific methods follow some kind of closed scientific reasoning which insulates itself against facts that its methods cannot account for. How else can they scientists dare dismiss jyotisha ( astrology ) which sees a level of existence beyond the purview of the five senses? —vasudev 2001 25 Hindutva advocates even go as far to claim that religion and science is report identical in India: The idea of 'contradiction' is an imported one from the west in recent times by the western-educated, since 'modern Science' arbitrarily imagines that it only has. —mukhyananda 1997:94 26 Pseudohistory and pseudoarcheology edit In 2014, after the hindu nationalist Bharatiya janata party (BJP) came to power, it appointed. Sudershan rao, a history professor associated with a rss -affiliated organization, as the head of the Indian council of Historical Research (ichr). 27 His appointment was also criticized by other historians and former members of the ichr, including those sympathetic to the ruling party. 2 rao believes that material evidence is not necessary to write the history of India. He said during an interview with the outlook magazine, western schools of thought look at material evidence of history. We cant produce material evidence for everything. India is a continuing civilisation.

Like a tied buffalo, he frantically tried to escape but could not. The plane landed safely in Chicago. The negro was a serious criminal in the Chicago records and this brave indian was an employee of Air India. —schoolbook written by dinanath Batra 23 Pseudoscholarship edit Pseudoscience edit The sangh Parivar and Hindutva advocates in general also indulge in a lot of pseudoscientific claims. For example, it is not uncommon to find Hindutva proponents claiming that the discoveries of modern science are actually re-discoveries of what had been found ages ago by the ancient Hindu saints. Also, they tend to justify things like ayurveda using pseudoscientific blabber. Vedic moliere Science is a concept used by hindutva advocates to denote to the scientific tradition of ancient India. Note 8 Astrologer gayatri devi vasudev writing for The Organiser, a publication of the main Hindutva organization in India, rss, claimed that the distinction of science and pseudoscience (or protoscience ) is Eurocentric and inapplicable to vedic Science: Western scientific thought draws on the traditions.

ramayan writer

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When he was cooking the rotis, the first one was cooked less and the English were born. The second one stayed longer on the fire and the negroes were born. Alert after His first two mistakes, when God went on to cook the third roti, it came out just right and as a result Indians were born." —schoolbook written by dinanath Batra 23 24 The above passage endorses classification of people based on skin pdf color. It claims that Indian people are "just right" while people with lighter or darker skin color are the result of something going wrong. Another blatant example of racism from his book is where people with darker skin color are depicted as violent criminals : The aircraft was flying thousands of feet high in the sky. A very strongly built negro reached the rear door and tried metamorphosis to open. The air-hostesses tried to stop him but the strongly built negro pushed the soft-bodied hostesses to the floor and shouted, 'nobody dare move a step ahead'. An Indian grabbed the negro and he could not escape. The pilot and the Indian together thrashed the negro and tied him up with a rope.

15 Our culture is getting affected due to live-in- relationship (cohabitation) and hence a law prohibiting live-in-relationships should be enacted. —Dharmapal Siwach of the abhm 15 On Adolf Hitler edit Thackeray, leader of the far-right Shiv sena, admires Adolf Hitler. If you take mein Kampf and if you remove the word Jew and put in the word Muslim, that is what I believe. Manipulating public education edit hindutva writer Dinanath Batra, who runs an organization euphemistically named Shiksha bachao andolan (save education movement) note 4, believes religious education should be an integral part of school curriculum. 22 Batra has written some school textbooks which are taught in the Indian state of Gujarat, where the hindu nationalist bjp forms government. If one explores these in depth, what is written in his books are bound to give laughs as well as shock to any educated sane person. An example of blatant racism and horrible misinformation is given below: 23 24 Once Dr Radhakrishnan note 6 went for a dinner. There was a briton at the event who said, "we are very dear to god." Radhakrishnan laughed and told the gathering, "Friends, one day god felt like making rotis note.

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ramayan writer

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The attire should cover the body and not be indecent. Moreover girls should be banned from wearing writers tight jeans and tops. —Dharmapal Siwach of the abhm 15 Later the abhm clarified that they did not demand ban on all jeans but "half-jeans" by which they probably meant capris. 16 we are not against girls wearing jeans but we are against girls wearing skimpy clothes. —lalit Bhardwaj, spokesperson of abhm 16 In 2015, a bjp mp (member of parliament) sakshi maharaj said that every hindu woman must have four children. 17 18 The time has come when a hindu woman must produce at least four children in order to protect Hindu religion.

—sakshi maharaj, bjp mp after this remark, another bjp political said that Hindu women should have five children. 19 I want to tell my hindu mothers and sisters that if they dont have five children, there will be no equilibrium in India in future. —Shymal Goswami, bjp politician 19 However, the manifesto of the "Hindutva" party bjp, currently India's largest political party, is "committed to give a high priority to women's Empowerment education and welfare. 20 The bjp has also been critical of the anti-women Triple talaq law and the Shah Bano law. 21 On cohabitation edit abhm vice-president Dharmapal Siwach wanted to criminalize cohabitation.

It is further noted that Babur's commander-in-chief Mir baki destroyed an existing Hindu temple at the site. 12 The babri mosque was one of the largest mosques in the state Uttar Pradesh, where 31 million Muslims lived. The ensuing riots are known as the ayodhya riots. Political implications edit In India's 2014 general election, the ruling Nehru-gandhi dynasty leading the congress Party lost its national legislative majority for the first time at the hands of the hindu-centric, right-wing Bharatiya janata party. As a result of this change of power, the position of Prime minister of India went to narendra modi, a militant Hindu nationalist previously implicated by Indian courts in enough religious violence that the United States had prohibited him from entering the country for quite. Later they welcomed him to the us and Obama visited him in India in 2015.

What do adherents of Hindutva notion say? Edit forced sterilization of people on the grounds of their religion edit sadhvi deva thakur, vice-president of a hindutva organization called Hindu mahasabha, says that Muslims and Christians living in India should be forcibly sterilized, and for the purpose of doing this, the government should. 13 14 The population of Muslims and Christians is growing day by day. To rein in this, centre will have to impose emergency, and Muslims and Christians will have to be forced to undergo sterilisation so that they can't increase their numbers —sadhvi deva thakur 13 She also urged Hindus to have more children to increase their population. 13 On women edit The hindutva organization Akhil Bharatiya hindu mahasabha (abhm, translated into English as All India hindu Assembly) wanted to impose a conservative dress code on school and college-going girls. Dharmapal Siwach, vice-president of the abhm, also argued that the use of cell phones should be banned in the premises of educational organisations as he believed use of cell phones lead to "increasing obscenity". Siwach also believed that girls must wear dupatta, a kind of long scarf. 15 Vulgar clothes lead to incidents of rape. To curb increasing obscenity in society, a particular dress code should be introduced in schools and colleges.

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Hindutva in practice edit hindutva advocates are accused of practical violence like riots, forcibly converting non-Hindus to hinduism, suppressing freedom of speech and freedom of expression by banning pelleas books, films and other cultural media which they don't like, and terrorizing people through mob violence. In general, hindutva advocates reject the idea of freedom of choice. In India, an umbrella organization called the sangh Parivar champions the concept of Hindutva. The sangh comprises organizations such as the rashtriya swayamsevak sangh (rss bharatiya janata party (bjp bajrang Dal, vishwa hindu parishad and others. Hindu and nationalism edit hindu nationalism is an ethno-religious nationalism that aims to make secular India a hindu state (Hindu rashtra). Goals of Hindu nationalists are: to remove india's status as a secular country and make hinduism the state religion of India. To make hindi the national language of India. Actions by hindu nationalists edit The babri mosque was a historic monument in India which was destroyed by hindus due to a gripe regarding the location of a historical temple. Ayodhya is said to be the birthplace of the hindu avatar of Vishnu, rama.

ramayan writer

8 It is also very similar to the Blood and soil of the nazis. 9 There are contradictory statements and views among people associated with the hindu nationalist movement regarding the question of irreligion and atheism. Sudershan rao, who was appointed the head of the Indian council of Historical Research (ichr) after the hindu nationalist Bharatiya janata party (BJP) formed government in work 2014, tries to explain the meaning of "Hindu" arguing, "Hindu in ancient times was a name given to people. Hindus were religious, nonreligious and irreligious. As a historian, i look at it that way." 10 This argument includes irreligious people as Hindu, if Hindu is defined as an ethnic identity. On the other hand, the rashtriya swayamsevak sangh (rss the largest Hindu nationalist organization in India, constructs the idea of an "ideal Hindu family". According to a leader of the organization, "we also want people to see to it that their households look like proper Hindu homes: a tulsi plant, images of Hindu gods, the gayatri mantra, etc. Should ideally be physically there." 11 This idea of an "ideal Hindu family" obviously excludes atheists, contradicting the view that irreligion comes within the hindutva fold.

hinduism". 4, on the other hand, as per the tradition in Hinduism, he emphasized the "protection" of cows, saying, "To protect and sustain the cow is our personal and familial duty. At least in the case of Hindusthan, it is also our national duty." 5, most modern Hindutva advocates involve dogmas and religious practices as an integral part of their ideology. Hindutva is a far-right-wing ideology. 6 The three essentials of Hindutva are common nation ( rashtra common race ( jati ) and common culture/civilisation ( sanskriti ). 7 Lancaster University lecturer Amalendu misra notes that for savarkar, a common ancestry, a common history and a common religion form the basis for national identity. Thus, the essentials of Hindu identity, as per the notion of Hindutva, are the following: 8 bond of common blood 8 or blood purity, which was central to nazi ideology, common civilization, 8 common culture and 8 common law and rites. 8 savarkar's idea of Hindu identity is religious and territorial.

Akhand Bharat " (Greater India, which consists of essay India and several nation states in the Indian subcontinent) as well as the land in which their religion originated. Here religion means all religions that originated in the Indian subcontinent,. Hinduism, buddhism, jainism and, sikhism. He excluded all religions originated outside of India. Savarkar's concept of Hindutva was ethnic, of which religion was a part. But another key figure in the hindu nationalist movement,. Golwalkar, reversed this relation. Golwalkar said, "with us culture is but a product of our all-comprehensive religion, a part of its body and not distinguishable from." 3, by "all-comprehensive religion he meant Hinduism.

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Hindutva (which can be literally translated into English as essay "Hinduness" note 1 ) is a word coined by vinayak damodar savarkar in his 1923 pamphlet entitled. Hindutva: Who is a hindu? It forms the basis of the hindu nationalist movement. The hindu nationalist movement, though primarily concentrated. India, has global presence and a section of the Indian diaspora living in the europe and North America fund Hindutva groups in those countries, as well as in India. Contents, what is Hindutva? Edit, savarkar, the founder of the hindutva notion, was an atheist 1 2 note 2 and admirer of, mussolini 's, italian fascism and. Note 3, as per savarkar, who defined Hindutva as an ethnic and political identity, a hindu is a person whose ancestors lived in the land he called ".

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