Personal hardship essay

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personal hardship essay

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Cultural Environment One must adapt ones self to the cultural environment in order to achieve the most desired effect. This is where situational leadership comes into play. The situation affects the follower and the leader or the leader leader scenario. The cultural environment can be many different things. In Rices case, she made history in the gender barrier breakdown. Condi rice reshaped the cultural environment in two arenas. She was the youngest Provost in Stanford's 102.

The hardship of my life- personal Narrative essay - papers

As Secretary of State, her authority never wavered but increased as she was known to be extremely close with President Bush and the fact a policy decision from her was the same as coming from the President. Although relying on legitimate power, rice could use the coercive and reward power to stimulate the acquiescence of other nations. Negotiating was one of her strongest assets and she was known to delicately push and keep others on target and arrive at vested interests. Four leadership Dimensions * Support- behavior that enhances someone elses feeling of personal worth and importance. Condoleezza rice was known for her ability to interact with global leaders from opposing factions and leave them feeling a valued friend of the United States. Interaction facilitation- during the worlds focus on cia torture of prisoners, rice was sent to europe to defuse the situation. Feelings ran high ang between nato allies, however she worked her magic and the following statement was issued by european press After a week from hell, rice appeared to have been successful in easing tensions with her European colleagues (Leist, 2005). She successfully conveyed the United States intent on dealing with terrorists in such a way that nato nations no longer raised grave protests. Particular attention has been noted to one of Rice's key traits. Global leaders say that she pushes hard upon objectives but manages to use velvet gloves while doing. Work facilitation is evidenced by her roles as Foreign Affairs secretary and the key amounts of information she had to resource and coordinate.

Bush and Ronald reagan. She was considered the worlds most powerful woman. That perception kept her dominant as a leader in global affairs. Statements made by President Bush to the free world and her own tremendous abilities kept her in the fore front: "During the last four years, i've relied on taxi her counsel, benefited from her great experience and appreciated her sound and steady judgment (Forbes, 2011)Her nickname. Rices main base of power came from legitimate authority. Appointed her his National Security advisor. That role gave her legitimate authority to negotiate with other countries on behalf of the United States. This allowed her to ensure that other nations knew that what she delivered was accurate and backed by a super Nation. It was her implied right to make decisions that would be binding and effective on both her country and the other party.

personal hardship essay

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Ambassador—by assuring Democratic opponents that he would be carefully "supervised. (Kaplan, 2005) Rice also successfully negotiated Israels end of the occupation of the gaza strip with no repercussions on either side or a wavering of alliance between Israel and the United States. Emergence and Retention of Power. Condi rice first emerged as a leader on the political front when working for President george h bush. President Bush placed her in a highly volatile position for a woman. She was give charge of relationships with the soviet Union, a place where even male leaders were not always welcomed. When promoted to secretary of State, she advises the leader of the world's largest superpower and has an unparalleled level of trust with and access to the president. And she has served two other.

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personal hardship essay

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Her goals changed over the years until she made a switch to foreign policy and international politics. Drive- to succeed made her the first African American female secretary of State. Desire to lead- was evidenced by the key roles she played after September 11th 2001, when she orchestrated key elements of the attacks on Iraq and the taliban. Honesty and Integrity- known throughout her career for her ethics and Integrity, she has continued to be placed in roles that mentor young leaders and served to facilitate negotiations with major global states. Cognitive ability and Knowledge of organization were a combined trait for Secretary rice. Her first six months as the secretary were noted by the following accomplishments. She reopened nuclear negotiations with North Korea, even authorizing bilateral talks, which george.

Bush had adamantly refused to conduct all through his first term as president. She persuaded Bush to endorse similar (if less promising) negotiations that Britain, homework France, and Germany had initiated with Iran, which he had also vigorously opposed. She crafted the terms of a united Nations resolution to investigate war crimes in Sudan, a measure that first-term Bush had resisted. She dropped the campaign—which had been launched with great verve by vice President Dick Cheney—to replace mohamed elBaradei as chair of the International Atomic Energy Agency and then got. Intelligence agencies to resume briefing iaea officials, a practice that had also been discontinued in the first term. As a prerequisite to all the above accomplishments, she staved off Cheney's intense efforts to appoint his protege, john Bolton, as deputy secretary of state and implicitly acknowledged Bolton's unsuitability for a concession prize—u.

In this sense traits are qualities that leaders must possess in order to be effective leaders. There are six key leader traits as identified by our textbook. Drive- indicates a willingness to make a high effort level. Desire to lead- They must be willing to step up and set the example and want to lead others. Honesty/Integrity- leaders must possess a moral compass that allows them to hold true to their ethical standards. These traits form the foundation of any leader follower relationship.

Self Confidence - they must believe that they can obtain the objective or goal. Cognitive ability- leaders must be able to multi task and show that they have the intelligence to understand and complete the goal. Knowledge of the business- They must understand the organization and what drives its success and what is needed to obtain that success. (Pierce newstrom, 2011) Condi rice exhibits all six of these leadership traits. As a young school girl, she grew up in Birmingham Alabama during the time of Martin Luther King and the birmingham bombings. Her parents instilled in her a belief that she could be anything she wanted to be if she worked hard enough.

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Influence may be used for positive or negative and the power may be real, implied or perceived. Influence may be used for positive or negative. It is how the leaders get the followers to achieve goals. It is not dominance, control or the forcing of compliance nurse (Pierce newstrom, 2011 p9). The power may be real, implied or perceived. The follower understands the leader has the right resume to make decisions however that right is granted. Key traits of leaders Traits are characteristics of individuals.

personal hardship essay

She went on to become summary the first black woman to serve. Secretary of State—she became the nation's 66th Secretary of State in 2004, following Colin Powell's resignation, and served from January 2005 to 2009(a e network, 2013) Rice was known for being a charismatic, situational and transformational leader. As Secretary of State, her policy was transformational diplomacy. These styles would serve her well in both her National Security Advisor role and that of Secretary of State. Leadership and Condoleezza rice. Leaders come from all different walks of life. They are poor, undereducated, overeducated, rich, African American, caucasian, hispanic or Asian. It is not what they have externally, that makes them leaders, but what internally drives them. Styles may differ however all of them are based off of influence and power.

by President george h bush as the director of soviet and East European affairs. This was during the time of the soviet Union dissolution and restructuring and Germanys reconsolidation. This launched her firmly into the bush inner circle. She played a key role in female integration into the military serving on the committee that would later restructure the guidelines for female role opening. Condi rice integrated fully into the next presidents staff. Rice was appointed national security adviser by President george. Bush, becoming the first black woman (and second woman) to hold the post.

Because of the segregation, she was homeschooled in order to ensure a better schooling and a chance for college. Her community moliere pulled together and educated the children with nearly every adult in the community acting as teachers. She grew up during Martin Luther Kings drive for equality. He was jailed five minutes from her house and one of her schoolmates was one of the little girls killed in the birmingham bombings. Although she grew up in turbulent times, political science was not her immediate choice of careers. Rices goal was to become a concert pianist and was considered quite accomplished. She changed her major three times until she attended and international politics class taught by josef Korbel. Condoleezza rice (Condi) earned her doctorate in Political science.

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Personal hardship essay
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  1. Condoleezza rice was born in 1954 in the racially segregated south in Birmingham Alabama. Her father was a pastor and her mother a teacher. Because of the segregation, she was homeschooled in order to ensure a better schooling and a chance for college. Free personal experience papers, essays, and research papers.

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