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If our soil is not remarkable as yet for the excellence of its fruits, this exuberance is however a strong proof of fertility, which wants nothing but the progressive knowledge acquired by time to amend and to correct. It is easier to retrench than it is to add; I do not mean to flatter you, neighbour James, adulation would ill become my character, you may therefore believe what your pastor says. Were i in Europe i should be tired with perpetually seeing espaliers, plashed hedges, and trees dwarfed into pigmies. See on paper a few American wild cherry trees, such as nature forms them here, in all her unconfined vigour, in all the amplitude of their extended limbs and spreading ramifications—let him see that we are possessed with strong vegetative embryos. After all, why should not a farmer be allowed to make use of his mental faculties as well as others; because a man works, is not he to think, and if he thinks usefully, why should not he in his leisure hours set down his. I have composed many a good sermon as I followed my plough.

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B.'s letters may be of great service to you: he will, no doubt, inform you of many things: correspondence consists in reciprocal letters. Leave off your diffidence, and I will do my best to help you whenever I have any leisure. Well then, i am resolved, i said, to follow your counsel; my letters shall not be sent, nor will I receive any, without reading them to you and my wife; women are curious, they love to know their husband's secrets; it will not be the. Whenever you come to dine with us, these shall be the last dish on the table. Nor will they be the most unpalatable, answered the good man. Nature hath given you a tolerable share of sense, and that is one of her best gifts let me tell you. She has given you besides some perspicuity, which qualifies you to distinguish interesting objects; a warmth of imagination which enables you to think with quickness; you often extract useful reflections from objects timeline which presented none to my mind: you have a tender and a well. Had you received but half the education. You had been a worthy correspondent indeed. But perhaps you will be a more entertaining one dressed in your simple American garb, than if you were clad in all the gowns of Cambridge. You will appear to him something like one of our wild American plants, irregularly luxuriant in its various branches, which an European scholar may probably think ill placed and useless.

Hadst thee never employed thyself in thy father's house to learn and to practise the many branches of house-keeping that thy parents were famous for, thee wouldst have made but a sorry wife for an American farmer; thee never shouldst have been mine. I married thee not for what thee hadst, but for what thee knewest; doest not thee observe what. Says beside; he tells me, that the art of writing is just like unto every other art of man; that it is acquired by habit, and by perseverance. That is singularly true, said our minister, he that shall write a letter every day of the week, will on Saturday perceive the sixth flowing from his pen much more readily than the first. I observed when I first entered into the ministry and began to preach the word, i felt perplexed and dry, my mind was like unto a parched soil, which produced nothing, thesis not even weeds. By the blessing of heaven, and my perseverance in study, i grew richer in thoughts, phrases, and words; I felt copious, and now I can abundantly preach from any text that occurs to my mind. So will it be with you, neighbour James; begin therefore without delay; and.

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On my part, it will be well meant let the execution be what it may. I will write enough, and so let him have the trouble of sifting the good from the bad, the useful from the trifling; let him select what he may want, and reject what may not answer his purpose. After all, it is but treating. Now that he is in London, as I treated him when he was in America under this roof; that is with the best things I had; given with a good intention; and the best manner I was able. Very different, james, very different indeed, said my wife, i like not thy comparison; our small house and cellar, our orchard and garden afforded what he wanted; one half of his time. B., poor man, lived upon nothing but fruit-pies, or peaches and milk. Now these things were such as God had given us, myself and wench did the rest; we were not the creators of these victuals, we only cooked them as well and as neat as we could. The first thing, james, is to know what sort of materials thee hast within resume thy own self, and then whether thee canst dish them.—Well, well, wife, thee art wrong for once; if I was filled with worldly vanity, thy rebuke would be timely, but. How shall i know what i am capable of till I try?

It will require the industry of subsequent ages, the energy of future generations, ere mankind here will have leisure and abilities to penetrate deep, and, in the bowels of this continent, search for the subterranean riches it no doubt contains.—neighbour James, we want much the. Here we have none equal to this task. If any useful discoveries are therefore made among us, they are the effects of chance, or else arise from that restless industry which is the principal characteristic of these colonies. Could i express myself as you do, my friend, i should not balance a single instant, i should rather be anxious to commence a correspondence which would do me credit. Minister: you can write full as well as you need, and will improve very fast; trust to my prophecy, your letters, at least, will have the merit of coming from the edge of the great wilderness, three hundred miles from the sea, and three thousand. You intend one of your children for the gown, who knows but. May give you some assistance when the lad comes to have concerns with the bishop; it is good for American farmers to have friends even in England. What he requires of you is but simple—what we speak out among ourselves we call conversation, and a letter is only conversation put down in black and white. James: you quite persuade me—if he laughs at my awkwardness, surely he will be pleased with my ready compliance.

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Here nature opens her broad lap to receive the vieux perpetual accession of new comers, and to supply them with food. I am sure i cannot be called a partial American when I say that the spectacle afforded by these pleasing scenes must be more entertaining and more philosophical than that which arises from beholding the musty ruins of Rome. Here everything would inspire the reflecting traveller with the most philanthropic ideas; his imagination, instead of submitting to the painful and useless retrospect of revolutions, desolations, and plagues, would, on the contrary, wisely spring forward to the anticipated fields of future cultivation and improvement,. There the half-ruined amphitheatres, and the putrid fevers of the campania, must fill the mind with the most melancholy reflections, whilst he is seeking for the origin and the intention of those structures with which he is surrounded, and for the cause of so great. Here he might contemplate the very beginnings and outlines of human society, which can be traced nowhere now but in this part of the world. The rest of the earth, i am told, is in some places too full, in others half depopulated.

Misguided religion, tyranny, and absurd laws everywhere depress and afflict mankind. Here we have in some measure regained the ancient dignity of our species; our laws are simple and just, we are a race of cultivators, our cultivation is unrestrained, and therefore everything is prosperous and flourishing. For my part I had rather admire the ample barn of one of our opulent farmers, who himself felled the first tree in his plantation, and was the first founder of his settlement, than study the dimensions of the temple of Ceres. I had rather record the progressive steps of this industrious farmer, throughout all the stages of his labours and other operations, than examine how modern Italian convents can be supported without doing anything but singing and praying. However confined the field of speculation might be here, the time of English travellers would not be wholly lost. The new and unexpected aspect of our extensive settlements; of our fine rivers; that great field of action everywhere visible; that ease, that peace with which so many people live together, would greatly interest the observer: for whatever difficulties there might happen in the object. As it is from the surface of the ground which we till that we have gathered the wealth we possess, the surface of that ground is therefore the only thing that has hitherto been known.

James: I should like to know what is there to be seen so goodly and profitable, that so many should wish to visit no other country? Minister: I do not very well know. I fancy their object is to trace the vestiges of a once flourishing people now extinct. There they amuse themselves in viewing the ruins of temples and other buildings which have very little affinity with those of the present age, and must therefore impart a knowledge which appears useless and trifling. I have often wondered that no skilful botanists or learned men should come over here; methinks there would be much more real satisfaction in observing among us the humble rudiments and embryos of societies spreading everywhere, the recent foundation of our towns, and the settlements. I am sure that the rapidity of their growth would be more pleasing to behold, than the ruins of old towers, useless aqueducts, or impending battlements.

James: What you say, minister, seems very true: do go on: i always love to hear you talk. Minister: Don't you think, neighbour James, that the mind of a good and enlightened Englishman would be more improved in remarking throughout these provinces the causes which render so many people happy? In delineating the unnoticed means by which we daily increase the extent of our settlements? How we convert huge forests into pleasing fields, and exhibit through these thirteen provinces so singular a display of easy subsistence and political felicity. In Italy all the objects of contemplation, all the reveries of the traveller, must have a reference to ancient generations, and to very distant periods, clouded with the mist of ages.—Here, on the contrary, everything is modern, peaceful, and benign. Here we have had no war to desolate our fields: footnote: The troubles that now convulse the American colonies had not broke out when this and some of the following letters were written. Our religion does not oppress the cultivators: we are strangers to those feudal institutions which have enslaved so many.

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The conclusion we all drew made me resolve at last to write.—you say you want nothing of me but what lies within the reach of my experience and knowledge; this i understand very well; the difficulty is, how to collect, digest, and arrange what. Next you assert, that writing letters is nothing more than talking on paper; which, i must confess, appeared to me quite a new thought.—Well then, observed our minister, neighbour James, as you can talk well, i am sure you must write tolerably well also; imagine. Is still here, and simply write down what you would say to him. Suppose the questions be will put to you in his future letters to be asked by his viva voce, as we used to call it at the college; then let your answers be conceived and expressed exactly in the same language as if he was. This is all that he requires from you, and i am sure the task is not difficult. He is your friend: who would be ashamed to write to such a person? Although he is a man of learning and taste, yet i am sure he will read your letters with pleasure: if they be not elegant, they will smell of the woods, and be a little wild; i know your turn, they will contain some matters. Some people are so fond of novelty, that they will overlook many errors of language for the sake of information. We are all apt to love and admire exotics, tho' they may be often inferior to what we possess; and that is the reason i imagine why so many persons are continually going to visit Italy.—That country is the daily resort of modern travellers.

Where is it that these English folks won't go? One who hath seen the factory of brimstone at suvius, and town of Pompey under ground! Wouldst thou pretend to essay letter it with a person who hath been to paris, to the Alps, to petersburg, and who hath seen so many fine things up and down the old countries; who hath come over the great sea unto us, and hath journeyed. Surely he means to jeer thee! I am sure he does, he cannot be in a real fair earnest. James, thee must read this letter over again, paragraph by paragraph, and warily observe whether thee can'st perceive some words of jesting; something that hath more than one meaning: and now I think on it, husband, i wish thee wouldst let me see his letter;. Then again, on recollecting the difference between your sphere of life and mine, a new fit of astonishment seized us all! Our minister took the letter from my wife, and read it to himself; he made us observe the two last phrases, and we weighed the contents to the best of our abilities.

educated than i am; your predilection excites my wonder much more than my vanity; my share of the latter being confined merely. My father left me a few musty books, which his father brought from England with him; but what help can I draw from a library consisting mostly of Scotch divinity, the navigation of Sir Francis Drake, the history of queen Elizabeth, and a few miscellaneous. Our minister often comes to see me, though he lives upwards of twenty miles distant. I have shown him your letter, asked his advice, and solicited his assistance; he tells me, that he hath no time to spare, for that like the rest of us must till his farm, and is moreover to study what he is to say. My wife (and I never do anything without consulting her) laughs, and tells me that you cannot be in earnest. Says she, james, wouldst thee pretend to send epistles to a great European man, who hath lived abundance of time in that big house called Cambridge; where, they say, that worldly learning is so abundant, that people gets it only by breathing the air. Wouldst not thee be ashamed to write unto a man who has never in his life done a single day's work, no, not even felled a tree; who hath expended the lord knows how many years in studying stars, geometry, stones, and flies, and. Who hath travelled, as he told us, to the city of Rome itself! Only think of a london man going to rome!

But it must be emphasised that the routine of the official or semi-official business letters requires certain accepted idioms, phrases, patterns, and grammar which are found in general use today. Therefore certain skills must be acquired by practice, and details of writing must be carefully and thoroughly. Introduction, who would have thought that because i received retrolisthesis you with hospitality and kindness, you should imagine me capable of writing with propriety and perspicuity? Your gratitude misleads your judgment. The knowledge which i acquired from your conversation has amply repaid me for your five weeks' entertainment. I gave you nothing more than what common hospitality dictated; but could any other guest have instructed me as you did? You conducted me, on the map, from one european country to another; told me many extraordinary things of our famed mother-country, of which i knew very little; of its internal navigation, agriculture, arts, manufactures, and trade: you guided me through an extensive maze, and. The treatment you received at my house proceeded from the warmth of my heart, and from the corresponding sensibility of my wife; what you now desire must flow from a very limited power of mind: the task requires recollection, and a variety of talents which. It is true i can describe our American modes of farming, our manners, and peculiar customs, with some degree of propriety, because i have ever attentively studied them; but my knowledge extends no farther.

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Content, content, annotation, introduction, business letters throught lexics, a sampling of contract phrases. Foreign esoteric words, some words against passive, examining english business letters. Example 5, example. Conclusion, bibliography, annotationthe subject matter of the course paper is the role of lexics and semantics in the case of business letter correspondence. The question of the history of official communication, the main stages of business transactions, the role of persons feeling for the proper use of phrases as well as his knowledge of grammar are highlighted. Moreover, those phrases which are more often used in business letters are examined from the point of view of their appropriateness in different situations. The practical part contains several examples of business letters; the occasions on which they were written and some of their characteristics are observed. Introduction, letter writing - is an essential part of communication, an intimate part of experience. Each letter-writer has a characteristic way of writing, women his style of writing, his way of expressing thoughts, facts, etc.

On letter writing alpha of the plough summary
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  2. The letter e. The latin word alphabetum came from the Greek word alphabetos, which was made from the first to letters of the Greek alphabet: alpha.being the Alpha Inn by the following logic: Alfred george gardiner, an author contemporary with Conan doyle, used the pseudonym " Alpha. The position on the top of the regulator where the tab was cut when the part was removed from its mold should be centered.

  3. Next you assert, that writing letters is nothing more than. That is singularly true, said our minister, he that shall write a letter every day of the. Single space your letter and leave a space between each paragraph. On staff and provide me with an understanding of the visual aspects of our work.

  4. We thank you for your letter of the 10th of July. Copy paragraphs 1,3-5 and translate them into ukrainian in writing. Annotationthe subject matter of the course paper is the role of lexics and semantics in the case. Each letter -writer has a characteristic way of writing.

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