Essay on forest of nepal

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essay on forest of nepal

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Environmentalists say that logging even worsens the fish habitat. For people living in Forks, all these facts seem to be out of time and undermining their stability. Some people try to sell their saw shops and to get something decent for. Under the main counter are posters that read, Endangered Species, picturing a trio of loggers, one of them a child this only proves how insecure these people feel. In this way final Forest brings the reader to the dead end of the problem and by sympathizing with both sides shows that it is very hard to convict any of the sides in particular as both of the opinions are motivated enough. The Olympic Peninsula population experiences very mixed up feelings to the fight around their work. First the experts wanted logs hauled out of streams to clean them.

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For these people the fight around the forests is senseless and groundless. It is as if there isn't already a huge damn Olympic National Park a few ridges away, locking up whole valleys of trees forever. It is as if out here, in this worked-over country, there is really that much to fight over-they think. The irony of these people is not just because they think it is senseless it is just they think it is too late to start this fight now, after so many years of forest-cutting and profit gaining from. Environmentalists believe that it is still not too late to save what is still there: the owls disappearing, the amount of valuable trees reducing, water report being polluted, etc. Here we have two points of view and both of them are worth of respect. On one side william dietrich puts the population of Forks who spend their whole lived working and logging and now, when it is too late form their opinion, wallpaper are accused of the destruction of flora of the state. On the other side the author shows us the possibility to save the scanty leftovers of what used to be one of the most beautiful natural gifts to Americans. Both of the point may be understood, but still the author worries about the sea bird, the marbled murrelet, which took scientists years to actually find a nest in the big old trees, about the pileated woodpecker the bird who eats the insects that. The pacific Northwest forest is the home of species that will die in case of its forest becoming depleted.

If they drop cutting the trees they will have nothing else to do and this will kill their little town and these people. The author shows both the meaning of the forest to people water as a source of their bread and views the pacific Northwest forest as the last nations great forest, which should be preserved. Life in Forks for loggers starts at. M., when they are already gathered and ready to work. These people are surrounded by slogans that only outline the importance of what they are doing: "This community supports timber, timber supports this community"26. People seem exhausted and tired of the fights around the forests, which environmentalists are carrying out. For these people forest is a gift of nature which they use and get paid, owing to which their children are raised and educated.

essay on forest of nepal

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The threat of disappearance of separate elements of the ecosystem is shown as the result the deforestation. Nowadays, tradition logging is suffering as the result not only of deforestation but of automation, globalization and new scientific din information about ecosystem importance. Traditionally, people used to do their jobs, cut forests, fish for salmon without even and sincerely thought that the reserve of these natural gifts is inexhaustible. Thousand of people worked their whole lives providing salmon and timber for the state in particular and the country in general. The author of the final Forest leads the reader to a logging community on Washingtons Olympic Peninsula. The self-proclaimed Logging Capital of the world, forks is just a plain little timber community with about 3,000 people and a chewed up forest where conifers grow back like weeds26. People living there deeply suffer the fight that has been unfolded around the ancient Northwest trees. These trees mean a lot to the people living in Forks. It is their bread, their job that they have been doing for a very long time.

It particularly concerns the territory of the pacific Northwest and its environmental, forestry, sociology and political science issues. The book was recognized by the pacific Northwest booksellers Association and received its award along with the washington governor Writers award. The book reveals the situation that the pacific Northwest has found it self in, when all the natural resources that are so actively exploited by people and bring them good are in actual danger. The seattle times journalist William dietrich made an outstanding job in analyzing this controversial problem and peoples opinion regarding. The future of the forests is in danger, which means that in the long run humanity is in danger, too. The old-growth forests are mercilessly cut and go as an excellent quality timber. William dietrich synthesizes the opinions of different people such as loggers, scientists, and environmentalists who are related to issues like forest cutting and disappearance of salmon and make the reader decide what his own opinion will. Both of the sides: people and nature are examined and sympathized but implies that if people do not find a compromise the pacific Northwest environment will be gradually completely exhausted. Tradition and environment, the importance of the pacific Northwest ecosystem according to william dietrich has been reduced which literally lead to the crisis of the ecosystem.

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essay on forest of nepal

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All literary dfos and ROs will exchange the information on repeat wildlife offenders to prepare a dossier that can help track them. All participants of this meeting will sit together after six months to review the implementation of this program. Efforts will also be initiated to increase participation of officials from the Indias Uttarakhand state. Example of a critical essay on, environment about: William dietrich / environment / Pacific Northwest / forest / salmon, essay topic: The contemporary vital problems of exhausting the resources of the pacific Northwest Enviroment. Essay questions: What problems are analyzed by william dietrichs book the final Forest: The battle for the last Great Trees of the pacific Northwest? What are the environmental, forestry, sociology and political science issues of the pacific Northwest?

Why are the pacific Northwest forests and salmon suffering form the human factor? Thesis Statement: Both of the sides: people and nature are examined and sympathized but implies that if people do not find a compromise the pacific Northwest Enviroment will be gradually completely exhausted. Pacific Northwest Forest Industry essay, table of contents: Introduction. The final Forest eloquently captures the essence of the cultural clash that is so deeply rooted in timber issues". Introduction, william dietrichs book the final Forest: The battle for the last Great Trees of the pacific Northwest has highly influenced the mind of people who have read. It is enough to say that it is used even as a high school and undergraduate textbook, which teaches the young population of the country to be aware of the environment.

A joint presentation on important trans-boundary wildlife issues was made. Harish Guleria (Uttar Pradesh) hem Tewari (Uttarakhand wwf-indias coordinators in Terai arc Landscape. Aba raj Regmi, chief Warden- sukla Phanta wildlife reserve (SWR) threw light on efforts to conserve swr. Ngh dfo katerniaghat Wildlife division passed information to nepali officers about illegal activities on the nepal side of the border and the suspect offenders. He also stressed the involvement of local population to ensure better conservation of the biodiversity. Jha- dfo, south Kheri division advocated the need for a joint strategy to control wildlife crime,.

Ngh- dfo, north Kheri division suggested tracking activities of suspected people along the border. And- dfo kanchanpur suggested meeting of Range Officers at regular intervals for better information sharing. He also called for joint questioning by Indo nepal officers, of repeat offenders. Sanjay pathak- deputy director of Dudhwa tr requested Nepali agencies to start providing compensation to the victims of cattle lifting cases to prevent the possibility of retaliatory killing of wild animals, in particular the big cats. During the meeting it was agreed that: dfos from both sides of the border will meet on second Wednesday of each month either at Katarniaghat wls or Dudhwa. Neighbouring ROs will meet at an interval of 15 days - on second as well as last tuesday of each month.

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Scholarship schemes have also been developed by actionaid to help cover the costs for their books and stationery. Posted on, meeting in progress, essay wwf-india. Meeting held at Dudhwa vegetarianism tiger Reserve to discuss issues. Continuing with its aim of strengthening biodiversity conservation along the Indo-nepal border, a meeting was organized by wwf-india on to share and discuss various trans-border issues. A total of 58 participants took part in the meeting held at Dudhwa tiger Reserve which is situated in the terai arc along the border between India and Nepal. While regional Director of Forest, Chief Warden - sukla Phanta wildlife reserve, divisional Forest Officer (DFO) - kailali and dfo - kanchanpur represented Nepal, the field Director and Deputy director of Dudhwa tiger Reserve, as well as dfos of Katerniaghat Wildlife division, north Kheri and. Shailesh Prasad, field Director of Dudhwa tr, welcomed the gathering and emphasized on a common management program for wildlife along this border. He called for better information sharing, joint patrolling as well as data collection of repeat wildlife offenders to control poaching on both sides. Rajan pokharel, regional Director of Nepal said passing of information to right people was very necessary to ensure timely action against illegal activities.

essay on forest of nepal

Nepal also has considerable scope for accelerating economic growth by exploiting its potential in hydroelectricity, tourism and human resources. The nepal Forward foundation has designed and implemented several projects targeting these sectors, as well as the government, who fear is currently implementing a number of power generation projects in harnessing hydroelectricity. Carefully designed tourism projects have also been implemented to prevent further damages to nepals fragile environment and to promote nepals tourism industry this is evident in Nepals gradual increase in foreign exchange earnings. Organisations such as actionaid are working increase the gdp by strengthening human resources a critical element in Nepals economic growth. Actionaid assists in increasing the incomes of lower castes through small business enterprise, for example, in traditional crafts, and help to generate more income by encouraging workers to upgrade their skills and widen their range of products. Education is developments most basic building block and is vital for alleviating poverty. Ngos such as vso (Voluntary service overseas) are involved in both technical and vocational training, as well as assistance in basic education for children. Centres are being set up where teachers give lessons to children and adults at flexible times, so as not to interfere with housework or farming.

system reaches barely 15 of the population. Advances in essential infrastructure such as water supply and sanitation, transport and communication are fundamental to the economic development of Nepal, as well as development in its social welfare. Ngos such as actionaid and usaid have been working to provide technical and financial resources in training front line health workers and improving community-based treatment, setting up mobile health centres to improve accessibility facilities, preventing diseases via means of vaccinations and educating the public. Infant mortality rates have decreased significantly with usaid focusing on improving public knowledge of diarrhoea and pneumonia the two leading causes of childhood deaths in Nepal, and the distribution of oral rehydration salt packets, which greatly reduces mortality due to dehydration from diarrhoea. Nepal suffers from poor infrastructure, like many developing countries. Roads, telecommunications and power are woefully inadequate and are barriers to attracting new industry. The challenge lies in using existing resources and opportunities in the optimum way. Forest and farm productions are tightly linked in Nepals economy. Organisations such as usaid and oxfam work to promote the sustainable management of a productive resource base and increase productivity by offering technological assistance in training Nepalese workers in farming techniques that enrich the soil, prevent erosion and increase the harvest.

Abundant in natural resources and a major exporter of agricultural and other primary products, australia has a prosperous Western-style capitalist economy, with a per capita gdp at the level of the highly industrialized European countries us 21,400. Nepal, on the contrary, lacking in foreign investment interest, hampered by its din technological backwardness, its landlocked geographic location and its susceptibility to natural disaster, relies on agriculture as the mainstay of the economy the gdp per capita in Nepal is alarming at us 210. Literacy rate in Nepal is appalling. Due to its incomplete infrastructure, much of Nepal is accessible only by foot, education is only available in rural areas, though primary education is free, most Nepalese families are barely earning enough for basic needs of survival and are unable to purchase essential text books. Australia, on the other hand, has an advanced education network. Its literacy rate is 99 and most Australians are encouraged to undertake vocational training, which ensures that the country does not suffer from skill shortage. Nepals development needs are complex it is a small, landlocked country with a difficult terrain, a limited resource base and rapid population growth. To alleviate poverty and promote sustainable human development in Nepal, it is imperative to address key elements such as infrastructure, agriculture and rural development, health and education.

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Comparison Of Social Indicators Essay, research Paper. The striking beauty of Nepals landscape stands in stark contrast with the countrys wide spread poverty. Landlocked and endowed with few natural resources sustainable for commercial exploitation, nepal remains one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world with its social indicators one of the lowest in the entire Asia region. Unlike australia, whose social welfare system is among the finest in the world, nepal suffers much from its lack of an organized system of social welfare and adequate health services. Life expectancy at birth in Nepal is 57 years and the infant mortality rate at 82 per 1,000 live births is among the highest in the world. Medical facilities are shockingly incomplete, partly due to the huge skill shortage and Nepals woefully inadequate transport network 1 qualified physician paper has to be shared amongst 12,700 Nepalese. Australia, however, enjoying the advantages of a modified welfare state is very well placed by the standards of the developed world in terms of nutrition, living and working conditions, as well as general rates of life expectancy. Life expectancy at birth is 81 years and with an easily accessible health care system, infant mortality rate in Australia is 5 per 1,000 live births only a sixteenth of Nepals infant mortality rate.

Essay on forest of nepal
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  1. A joint presentation on important trans-boundary wildlife issues was made. Deepak khatiwada weve been walking through the forest measuring the burrows that we encounter and inspecting the surrounding area.building, chinese pangolin, conservation, edge fellows, edge fellowship programme, nepal, pangolin, zsl. A photo essay on the current state of the exclusion zone natural biocenosis, which has undergone the maximum radiation effect in 1986 due to the accumulation. Han Shan s poems big5 Essay on hanshan s poetry.

  2. Forest and farm productions are tightly linked. Example of a critical essay on, environment about: Pacific Northwest, forest, industry essay. Forest eloquently captures the essence of the. He also called for joint questioning by Indo nepal officers, of repeat offenders.

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