Environmental benefits of going paperless

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environmental benefits of going paperless

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We serve the Greater Toronto Area from Markham, mississauga, north York, richmond Hill, Scarborough, Thornhill, vaughan, Etobicoke and Aurora, in all digitization, imaging and scanning services. Tags: Digital Scanning, digitization, paperless Office, scanning Services, toronto. May 19, 2016 5 min read. Opinions expressed by, entrepreneur contributors are their own. Earlier this month, the White house released a report showing the negative impact global warming has on our overall health. The report details how climate change affects human health and can impact our future, but the question remains: What can we do about it?

Are the benefits of the paperless office really beneficial?

This is where we can help. Our relationship with your firm will be simple, headache-free. In other words, we wont be a distraction to your business, and you will be able to trim fat (paper) without losing the muscle (data and assets). Now what is holding you back from digitizing? — summary handwriting This article discusses the multitude of benefits that businesses gain by transforming their office environment into a paperless one. By bringing both business and environmental goals on the same page, paperless offices give your business a winning combination. Businesses reduce their ecological footprint and stick to commendable ethical environmental practices by converting to a paperless workplace. On a business wavelength, paperless offices raise productivity and efficiency levels, and downtime is decreased. — fidelity it solutions Toronto digitization services will transform doctors offices in Toronto, lawyers offices in Toronto, accounting offices in Toronto and any office that experiences a high volume of paper documents, invoices. The benefits of digitization and scanning will bring a complete turn-around for your business by making your company take steps to ensure it is environmentally-friendly and accelerate your business stride by enhancing your business performance. .

The private online portal will enable you to nurse edit, upload files, make announcements to your employees and perform other collaboration efforts. Nothing Will Get Lost : All of your digital documents will be retrievable and you will not have to worry about losing or misplacing a document here or there. Digitizing Process, this diagram gives you a visual illustration of what exactly happens when you let us handle your digitization process. In spite of these incredible advantages, toronto lawyers, doctors, accountants, and schools, are not acting quick enough to turn their offices into a paperless one. . While imaging technology has empowered lawyers and their ability to perform their business functions more efficiently, torontos lawyers have yet to fully embrace this technological goldmine. The transition has been slow for Torontos lawyers, doctors, accountants and schools because of a few reasons: (a) an in-house digitization project is time consuming, (b) can be done incorrectly if done by non-specialists, and (c) takes away from core business pursuits. These concerns are well-founded and understandable. The only way to overcome these barriers and still get all the advantages of digitization is to outsource the task to a toronto digitizing services provider that specializes in digitizing, imaging and scanning. .

environmental benefits of going paperless

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Locating documents, organizing folders etc. (4) retrieving the right documents for auditing becomes easy and greatly reduces the likelihood for error and misstatements (5) reducing litigation support costs, customer Satisfaction : Less time at writing the copiers, fax machines, and postal office means more time with the customers. This increases customer satisfaction, allows your business resources to address additional areas of need, enables you to quickly respond to customer requirements and opens up cross-selling opportunities. Increased Communication : The flow of information is more unified on two fronts: (1) firstly, within the business itself as the ability to collaborate is easy with digital documents; and (2) on the second front, information-sharing with customers becomes effortless. Going Green : Digitization can be a great step for a firm to contribute to torontos environmental management and help protect the earths biological treasures, such as trees, from being excessively exhausted and consumed. Staying Competitive: Torontos leading legal firms have already incorporated digitization into their business platform or have recently started digitizing their resources. In order to avoid lagging-behind your competitors, businesses must utilize this value-added service. Private web Portal : A customized and secure portal will be setup to a private web account so your digital resources will be accessible at all times.

Security : The information will be encrypted to ensure utmost security, confidentiality, and privacy. A multi-level secure it infrastructure and system will ensure that all your data remain protected and fail-proof. Managed Backup : your critical business data will be backed up on a secure offsite storage location and/or in the clouds. This will protect you from any kind of disaster both from human and natural forces. Fires, floods and ensure that you have round the clock access to business resources. Cost-Efficiency savings : Reducing operational costs and savings happen on multiple layers by digitization. These are just some of the areas where you save big by going digital: (1) a firms paper consumables can decrease by up to 70 (i.e. Mailing costs, copying etc.). Did you know that the average document gets copied 19 times in offices?; (2) funds allocated to purchasing extra storage spaces, filing cabinets, shelves, folders, organizers and other office hardware will be slashed in a cost-efficient fashion (3) productivity increases because associates no longer need.

The, benefits of, going, paperless

environmental benefits of going paperless

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But it doesnt have to be if can convert to a paperless office. The only way to avoid such a scenario is to become a paperless office, and have your documents digitized. Benefits of Digitizing, what are the advantages of transforming your office into a paperless one, you may ask. Well, where do we start? Here are some of the benefits of digitizing (we offer. Scanning Services in Toronto searchable pdfs : All of the documents will be converted into searchable pdfs, which allow you to instantly locate the documents youre looking for. This format has the idr (Intelligent Document reader) capability that captures long all of the documents content and allows you to perform keyword searches that will search internally within those documents.

Saving Time focusing on your Core business : being able to search thousands of digital documents without having to rummage through folders or look for lost documents saves you time. This saved time can enable you to focus on your core business activities and not search-and-locate missions. Streamline workflow : you cut out unnecessary steps from your workflow (i.e. Task delegation related to search and find thus increasing business efficiency, information gathering capabilities and fluidity. Organization : All digital documents are editable and will be labeled, cataloged and indexed in a customized manner to maximize convenience and manageability. Office Presentation : Digitization provides a clutter-free solution and takes up no physical space in your office. Document-laced offices projects a daunting, uneasy and unfriendly environment, while a paperless one projects a calm and organized environment.

We then switched to signNow for tutor and customer contracts and records. "We began to use an education-based saas (oases) to track tutoring hours and payment records, as well as assessment testing. At this point, everything is stored either in a proprietary database, dropbox, saas or pdfs. No more paper and filing cabinets. We have been 100 percent paper-free since early 2016. Deborah Elias-CasarezOwner of, bee academic Tutoring.

Has your business gone green and reduced its environmental footprint? If so, what tips would you add? Leave a comment and spark a discussion below. Paperless Office fidelity it scanning Solutions. January 11, 2015, comments Off on make your life painless by becoming a paperless Office. Piles of paper on executive desks and tall filing cabinets are hallmarks of a lawyers office in the Greater Toronto Area.

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As the public relations and communications coordinator, i save digital clippings of media coverage rather than paper copies. "Perhaps most impactful, late last year our hospital staff began implementing a completely electronic medical records system for the center's sea turtle patients. Loggerhead Marinelife center's retail operations department also greatly improved retail sustainability by communicating with dozens of vendors to consolidate packaging and reduce its associated waste. Hannah deadmanPublic Relations communications coordinator. Loggerhead Marinelife center, when we first acquired our tutoring academy, everything was paper based. Customer and tutor records as well as contracts were all recorded and maintained on paper, and stored in a filing cabinet. One shortage of the first things we did was copy all customer and tutor records into Excel and eventually into a database.

environmental benefits of going paperless

We used to have multiple printers in the office, now we just have one. This has made it more inconvenient to print, so our staff naturally adjusted to technology quicker and printed less. Peter Polgarcmo of, clikz digital, as a sea turtle hospital and ocean conservation hub, it is critical that we walk elements the walk in an effort to protect our blue planet. In 2016, loggerhead Marinelife center created a campus Sustainability Initiative to reduce waste in our daily workflows. "we eliminated paper plates and cutlery on campus and now provide reusable plates, glasses and cutlery in the breakroom for staff and volunteers. We also unsubscribed from catalogs and magazines sent to lmc and transformed the expense reporting system into a completely digital one. Any shredded paper is immediately placed in our on-campus composting bin.

also reduced our overall loose-leaf clutter — allowing us to seamlessly organize and find documents. One system ive been looking into to manage this conversion to digital. By using these type of digital document management tools, it allows our staff to find documents with ease, regardless of the age of the file or knowing who originally created the document. Additionally, by scanning our current paper documentation and storing them as digital files, it allows us to discard old file cabinets, resulting in more office space and reduced liability should a disaster strike, such as a fire or criminal activity. Sacha ferrandifounder and head Principal. Source capital Funding, Inc. We went paperless by simply reducing our printers and implementing new technology.

With a belief in green technology solutions, we felt inspired to letter ask other businesses to share how they achieved a paperless office. Below youll find tips and tactics businesses have used to reduce paper waste ranging from opting for reusable plates, cutlery and napkins to digitizing medical records and business documents. This past April all the paper clutter in the office about drove me crazy. I couldn't find anything when I needed to and it was costing us time and money. I announced a new paperless initiative. Luckily, i had three volunteers come in one sunday and the four of us spent all day digitizing every paper document we had and neatly organized everything into our Dropbox account. The end result was no more paper, no more clutter and digital files that are accessible from any device. It's simply beautiful and it was definitely a sunday well spent.

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Going green is about more than ones self-esteem. For businesses, reducing their environmental impact and going paperless brings significant financial and efficiency benefits. Its not surprising, therefore, that 49 percent of ceos surveyed claimed sustainability ranked among their top three business initiatives, according. Sustainability is more than a pipe dream: 33 percent of surveyed businesses reported being nearly there in becoming paper free, according to online nitros research. With the help of the right software, organizational know-how and an openness to change, your business can go digital and reduce your environmental footprint, resulting in more office space and better asset management. At, payjunction, weve dedicated our business to disrupting an entire industry with paperless technology. The Smart Terminal collects electronic signatures for card-present and remote transactions, allowing businesses to store receipts securely and search for them easily in the event of a chargeback.

Environmental benefits of going paperless
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system that will optimize the benefits of going paperless, consider adopting a law practice management application such as Zola suite. How Contra costa county public Works Department is going Paperless control and environmental divisions are using Laserfiche.

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  1. idea of going paperless may seem like a cliché in 2016, but its never cliché to reduce business costs, increase customer satisfaction. The benefits of a paperless office include: Reduced environmental impact Beware of Auto complete for the purpose of a paperless office. Companies all over the world have discovered the reasons for going paperless and are reaping the benefits. Cloud9 cloud computing services can help you realize the benefits of paperless offices and paperless office solutions four key benefits.

  2. we get into the advantages of hiring a software development company, lets take a look at a few more benefits of going paperless. Im sure you know that going paperless saves trees and a host of other environmental resources. the immediate benefits of going paperless, digitizing is the first step to transforming your workplace and ultimately driving business.

  3. Heres their mix of advice for document management and. In light of the research findings, Intelligent Environments is calling on banks to step up their communications efforts to improve. Even without doing research, benefits of paperless office is obvious to everybody. This article discusses the multitude of benefits that businesses gain by transforming their office environment into a paperless one.

  4. Going paperless is even easier with the help of experts from PhaseAlpha to guide you, and if you have special requirements, our custom. If youre not convinced going paperless is for you, look at the benefits of an electronic storage system. 50 of the workforce and quickly moving into management positions, these are people who grew up in a digital world and going paperless. We asked businesses to share their advice for going paperless at the office.

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