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The new Apple external optical drive only works with the new imacs that no longer have bulit-in SuperDrives. There is a hack to get the drive to work with older imacs, but I have forgot what and where the procedure for this hack is? Out of the box, these new, external Apple optical drives do not work with older model Macs. Sdfdsfdfsadfdf wrote: ok i will try that but i have the superdrive and the imac couldn't recognize it isn't a superdrive an external optical drive? A superDrive is Apple's term for an optical drive that reads and writes CDs and dvds. These drives can be internal or external.

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Not all optical drives are mac compatible. Most Mac compatible drives you will only find to be purchased online. Here are two on m that are cheap and Mac compatible _3?ieutf8 qid i ve fsr_1_7?ieutf8 qid c aldrive, here's another source for Mac compatible optical drives. These are better quality optical drives. These are also tray loading drives. M/item/OWC/VLU2SD24XS/ marathi m/item/OWC/MR3F82SD24S/ If it appears you have 3 dvd player applications, click on each one and use the keyboard keys Command-I to see which trap one is the actual application and if the other two are Aliases/shortcuts. If all three turn out to be applications (multiple, duplicate copies you should be able to just trash two of these and empty the Orash. Ok i will try that but i have the superdrive and the imac couldn't recognize it isn't a superdrive an external optical drive? Do not do anything with the optical drive, yet. Or are you trying to use the new Apple external optical drive with an older imac?

I did all the p-r-command-option startup it was a normal start however. Was i looking for sowething different? I also need to mention that i have three dvd players in Application: dvd player dvd player 2 dvd player 3 so when i feed the cd in it makes some sounds and then it shoots it out. Sometimes the pram and/or smc reset will revive issues with the optical drive. EIther try the commercial lens cleaning disc option or the manual microfiber cloth covered credit card method. If none of this ends up not working, then you need to purchase an external optical drive. There are cheap ones (under50. S,d, that'll last anywhere from a year to three years or more expensive(over. D.) and higher) that will last much longer.

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This may revive the dvd read/write part of drive. I no purchase method to clean out the optical drive is to take credit card wrapped in a micro fiber cleaning cloth, power down the imac, and carefully run the cloth cover credit card carefully back and forth a couple of times in the optical. This may, also, revive the drive, too! It could be dirty. Use a soft cloth and moisten. Wipe from the center out. Not a circular motion.

Unplug the computer's power cord. Attach the computer's power cord. Wait five seconds, then press the power button to turn on the computer. If this doesn't work, optical drives have two laser lenses. One for CDs and one for dvds. The dvd lens maybe dirty or dusty. You can try a commercial retail dry brush CD/dvd lens cleaning disc.

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Dvds i could once play and no longer able to watch. Swimming with sharks, badder santa, idiocracy, glengarry glenross. American psycho, first try both a nvram/pram reset, then an smc reset. Shut down your Mac. Locate the your following keys on the keyboard: Command option, p, and. You will need to hold these keys down simultaneously in step. Turn on the computer.

Press and hold the command-Option-p-r keys before the gray screen appears. Hold the keys down until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for the second time. After resetting nvram or pram, you may need to reconfigure your settings for speaker volume, screen resolution, startup disk selection, and time zone information. Resetting the smc for Mac Pro, intel-based imac, Intel-based Mac mini, or Intel-based Xserve. Shut down the computer.

Can writable dvd discs written at different speeds be read back at any speed? The speed at which a disc is written has nothing to do with the speed at which it can be read back in a recorder, player or dvd-rom drive. How might dvd recording speeds increase in the future? Product manufacturers have publicly discussed plans to increase dvd recording speeds to as high as 16x cav. Achieving data transfer rates beyond this may be possible but is generally thought not to be practical given the technical challenges and cost considerations involved for minimal increases in real world performance.

This is analogous to what happened with cd-r recording which, facing similar design (rotational speed capabilities of commercially available spindle motors) and market issues (high vibration and sound levels effectively peaked at 52x/54x cav speed. Continue to physical compatibility technology specs meetings membership osta home login). Question: Q: hi i have this weird problem i have mac os.6.8 the dvd player cannot and will not read dvds anymore. It can read CDs and files on cds but that. I also tried reading the dvd through my superdrive but the imac couldn't recognize it any help will be great. Reply, page content loaded, verify that it's not a blu-ray dvd. You can rest assured that they're only dvds.

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Here, rotational speed is kept constant within each zone but varies from zone to zone resulting in a roughly constant data retrolisthesis transfer rate throughout the entire recording process. Constant Angular Velocity (CAV) The cav mode spins the disc at a constant rpm throughout the entire writing process. Consequently, the data transfer rate continuously increases as the optical head writes from the inner to outer diameter of the disc. For example, a 5x cav dvd-ram recorder begins writing at 2x at the inner diameter of the disc accelerating to 5x by the outer diameter of the disc. Verification and Defect Management In addition to simply writing data, some recording software and hardware perform data verification or employ sophisticated defect management management techniques, which can double the total amount of time to write the disc. Typically, data verification takes place after all data is written while defect management occurs during writing, actively verifying sectors and skipping over or relocating problems to a spare area of the disc. Data verification, a feature found in some recording software, works with most disc formats and often can be switched on or off. Both hardware (dvd-ram, dvdmrw) and software (udf.0 formatted dvd-rw, dvdrw and dvd-ram) defect management is available and typically cannot be deactivated (consumer electronics dvd-ram recorders typically do not implement defect management while, under certain circumstances, some computer dvd-ram recorders may be able to partially.

Since the entire disc is written at a uniform transfer rate it takes, for example, roughly 57 minutes (excluding lead-in/lead-out) to complete a full.7 gb error disc at 1x clv. As recording speed increases the transfer rate increases correspondingly so that at 4x clv writing a disc takes approximately 14 minutes. Recording time as well is directly related to the amount of information to be written so partial discs will be completed in proportionally less time. But writing at higher speeds requires rotating the disc faster and faster (e.g. Id 84 rpm at 6x clv) which places escalating physical demands upon both media and hardware. Manufacturers meet this challenge by moving beyond the clv mode to obtain even higher performance. Zoned Constant Linear Velocity (zclv) In contrast to clv which maintains a constant data transfer rate throughout the recording process, zclv divides the disc into regions or zones and employs progressively faster clv writing speeds in each. For example, an 8x zclv dvdr/RW recorder might write the first 800 mb of the disc at 6x clv and the remainder at 8x clv speed. Dvd-ram (1x, 2x, 3x on the other hand, uses a different form of zclv that divides the disc into many more regions (1.46 gb disc/14 zones,.6 gb disc/24 zones,.7 gb disc/34 zones).

increment above. Dvd read and Write average data Transfer Rates (transfer rates indicated in binary notation). Dvd, read/Write, speed, transfer Rate bytes/sec, transfer Rate, kb/sec. Transfer Rate, mB/sec, equivalent cd-r/cd-rw read/ write speed 1x 1,385,000 1,352.54.32 9x.770,000 2,705.08.64 18x 3x 4,155,000 4,057.62.96 27x 4x 5,540,000 5,410.16.28 36x 5x 6,925,000 6,762.70.60 45x 6x 8,310,000 8,115.23.93 54x 8x 11,080,000 10,820.31.57 - 10x 13,850,000. Dvd recording speeds (data transfer rates) now surpass even their quickest cd-r and cd-rw counterparts. And, as with cd-r and cd-rw, dvd recorders employ a variety of writing modes to operate reliably and efficiently at both low and high speeds including Constant Linear Velocity (clv zoned Constant Linear Velocity (zclv) and Constant Angular Velocity (CAV). Constant Linear Velocity (CLV) dvds initially operated using a clv mode to maintain a constant data transfer rate across the entire disc. The clv mode sets the discs rotation at roughly 1400 rpm decreasing to 580 rpm (1x clv) as the optical head of the player or recorder reads or writes from the inner to outer diameter (ID to od).

The program is available on Software Informer but it is discontinued on the developer's site. Interact with dvds from your computer exactly as you would from a dvd player and get access to commentaries, pop-ups, games or any extra content embedded in the disk. InterActual Player gives users access to InterActual features on dvds. If short you use a dvd decoder that does not have interActual integration, you can still enjoy interActual features by installing the InterActual Player software included on the dvd. Using this solution, your dvd video and all InterActual features will play in the InterActual Player application. Info updated on: see all, extensions. Recording speed, how long does it take to record a writable dvd disc? The amount of time taken to write a disc depends upon the writing speed of the recorder, the writing mode used by the recorder, the amount of information to be written and if verification or defect management is employed.

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Adobe have just announced the availability of Adobe Flash Player 9, code-named moviestar, which includes.264 standard video support the same standard deployed in Blu-ray and hd-dvd high definition video players and High Efficiency aac (he-aac) audio support, as well as hardware accelerated, multi-core enhanced. With updated Adobe Flash Player, it will enable it to deliver hd television quality and premium audio content and pave the way to expand rich media flash experiences filsafat on the desktop and.264 ready consumer devices. The latest update for Adobe Flash Player 9 is available in beta for immediate download. Some of the new features in Adobe Flash Player 9 (. Moviestar improved performance multi-core support, full screen mode with hardware scaling, multi-threaded video decoding. Flash Player Cache cross-domain Flex Framework caching, reduced application size and faster download times. Works better with Ajax Improved javascript integration, improved browser integration. Reaching parity on Linux, full screen mode now for Linux. Flash Player, elsewhere, note : read the beta usage carefully, you might need to uninstall your existing Adobe Flash Player).

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This may revive the dvd read / write part of drive. If it appears you have 3 dvd player applications, click on each one and use the keyboard keys Command-I.

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  2. Read write (burning dvd, dvd, dual-layer, cd, even Blu-ray — on your Mac (or PC). Using this solution, your. Dvd, video and all InterActual features will play in the InterActual Player application.

  3. In contrast, the mechanism shown in the second photo, which comes from a cheaply made. Dvd player, uses less accurate and less efficient brushed dc motors to both move the. Internal external Optical Drive upgrade/Replacement Solutions.

  4. Dvd recording speeds (data transfer rates) now surpass even their quickest cd-r and cd-rw counterparts. To allow or Deny cd and. Write from Computer and, read from Stand Alone, dVD. Player vista home Premium I have a stand alone.

  5. Already a broadly adopted industry standard, the inclusion of the.264 codec in Adobe Flash. Player, adobe air, the Creative suite product line, and the upcoming Adobe media. Player will accelerate customer workflows, enabling the creation and repurpose of high-quality web video content without extra development costs. Dvd, read write, speed.

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