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Then students change roles. It is good to number off students to form pairs as this ensures a different partner every day. It is also a good idea to have the students stand up while they are speaking. They should be speaking as fluently as they can and they shouldn t be reading their quickwrites. Quickread Speed reading. Quicklisten Each day students listen to a chapter (five to ten minutes) of the audio recording of a graded reader and simultaneously answer quick questions.

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The focus is fluency so feedback on accuracy is not given. Each student buys a small exercise book (ideally size 1B4). They tape the population speed reading answer key and graph to the writing inside back cover for daily use. They bring the exercise book to class every day and the teacher collects it once a week. Quickwrite five to ten minutes writing on a topic generated by the students with emphasis on fluency and flow of ideas. The goal is to write as much as possible without the use of an eraser or dictionary. Students write in the back of their journals. The topics might include: myself, my family, my home town, my best friend, weather, cats, studying English, a graded reader, a media story, independent study and. The topics start at a very easy level and become more sophisticated over the course of the programme. The students demonstrate an increasing willingness to tackle any topic. Quickspeak three to five minutes of speaking without pauses to a listening partner on the quickwrite topic.

After about half the readings have been completed, it is time to start reducing the maximum time allowed from 3 minutes.50 to While many students will already be reading more quickly than this, there will be some who take as long as they. If a student does not finish reading the passage in the time allowed, they should still turn over and try to answer the questions. Their goal is to finish in the time allowed the next day. Once students see their graphs going up, they are motivated to read faster each day. By looking across to the right-hand side they can see their words per minute. If a student makes no improvement in time and continues to score below 6 correct answers, this is a signal to the teacher that they need additional reading help. Speed reading booklets Asian and Pacific Speed readings for esl learners (1000) New zealand Speed readings for esl learners 1000 Word List New zealand Speed readings for esl learners, book one (2000) New zealand Speed readings for esl learners, book two (2000 plus awl) Speed. Students use and practise the four skills of English: kites writing, speaking, reading and listening, by accessing the language they have stored in their heads.

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Give out the readings and say start. Students read as quickly as they can. When they reach the end of the passage, they look up and note down their time. They then turn over the paper and answer the questions without turning back to the passage. When they finish answering the questions, they check their answers. They record their time and comprehension score on the graph. As students finish recording their times and scores on their graphs, the teacher can walk around to check progress and collect the readings. If a student is scoring 8, 9 or 10 on the comprehension questions, encourage them to read faster next time. You can set individual goals by drawing a line on a student s graph.

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An example is the writing fiji book flood (see elley mangubhai, 1979). The passages are all 400 words long and the vocabulary is controlled. The topics relate to new zealand and the passages and questions are not supposed to be difficult. While reading, don t use a pointer or your finger to trace each word because this will make you read slowly word-by-word. Try to read in meaning chunks.

Answer the questions from memory. Don t turn back and look at the passage. Ii 7 Instructions to students. Give out the answer sheet and the graph for recording times and comprehension scores. Display an online stopwatch so that students can time themselves.

The readings can be done in any order so that it is not necessary for all students to be working on the same reading. You could make a few sets and then have students choose a reading they haven t done yet. Introduce the programme to the class by explaining the procedure and the reasons for doing a speed reading programme: over the next month you will be doing a daily speed reading exercise which involves reading a short passage and answering 10 comprehension questions. Speed reading is only one of the many ways that the class will be studying reading. The focus of the speed reading programme will be to increase reading speed.

Accuracy in answering the questions is not the main consideration. Aim for the fastest time with about 70 percent accuracy. Reading quickly is an important skill for native and non-native speakers and most people can double their reading speed with practice (Nation, 1991). This skill will be necessary at university to cope with heavy reading requirements and for tests. In addition, the faster you read, the more effective and enjoyable it will. Research suggests that an improvement in reading leads to benefits across all other language skills.

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Don t plan a follow up activity with the readings. When students realise they will be doing a follow-up activity, they will concentrate on comprehension and slow down. Recording the time and score is important as seeing daily progress is a very effective paper motivator for students. It is also a good way for the teacher to monitor progress, give feedback and encouragement, and set individual and class goals. I 6 Instructions for teachers Determine the level of vocabulary knowledge of the class by administering a vocabulary levels test, for example Schmitt. Photocopy class sets of the readings. These can be put into plastic sleeves to prolong life.

bliss short story katherine mansfield summary

Gaining confidence is an important aspect of the programme. A lot of learning is getting past the i can t do it barrier. A speed reading programme can push the student through this barrier. Teachers can help by setting individual and class goals and time limits. Success in speed reading engenders confidence, and confidence leads to enjoyment, motivation and more success. A speed reading programme should be intensive. Complete the twenty readings by doing them every day summary for four weeks. Speed reading should be an isolated activity.

be straightforward. There should be nothing to stop the readers in their tracks. Similarly the questions should test general understanding rather than detailed knowledge. Questions about specific details slow down reading. The method of reading is important. Students should not use their fingers or pens to trace the words as this encourages slow word-by-word reading. By reading quickly, students are training their eyes to process meaning chunks.

5 Introduction New zealand Speed readings for esl learners, book one was written at the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria university of Wellington, new zealand. The programme contains twenty 400 word readings, each with ten comprehension questions. The passages are written within the first 2000 words (Nation, 1996). Exceptions are words that are explained in the text, note titles of passages, content words like country names and animal names, and some common words like television, cell phone and internet. Principles of a speed reading programme a speed reading programme should isolate the skill that is being practised which is increasing the speed of a student s reading. It is important not to confuse the purpose of the exercise with increasing vocabulary, improving reading comprehension or anything else. A speed reading programme is only a small part of an overall reading programme and while success with the programme may lead to benefits such as increasing confidence and the effectiveness and enjoyment of reading, the focus is speed. The focus is speed. While reading without understanding would be pointless, the goal of speed reading is not to achieve perfect accuracy in answering the questions.

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Sammeln sie punkte beim kauf von Spielen, filmen und vielem mehr. Erhalten sie mit Microsoft Rewards bis zu 20 Punkte für jeden Euro, den sie im Microsoft Store für Spiele, filme usw. Sie müssen lediglich bei ihrem Microsoft-Konto angemeldet sein, um Prämienpunkte zu sammeln. 1 School of Linguistics and Applied Language student Studies New zealand Speed readings for esl learners book one (2000 word level) Sonia millett English Language Institute Occasional Publication. 19 issn x 2 3 New zealand Speed readings for esl learners book one (2000 word level) Sonia millett English Language Institute Occasional Publication. (revised 2017) 4 School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies Victoria university of Wellington po box 600 Wellington New zealand to order copies please visit English Language Institute Occasional Publication Number 22 isbn sonia millett 2005 (revised 2017) teachers and staff of the English Language. The material contained in this book may be photocopied, provided that it is not sold at a profit and that its source is acknowledged.

Bliss short story katherine mansfield summary
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