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Tux paint is a simple painting program that features a penguin named Tux, who offers help when and where relevant. Basic shapes are easy to draw and fill, and there is a nice selection of Magic tools. These are all very easy to use and are capable of some very impressive effects. Verdict: With its colourful design and ease of use, tux paint is sure to appeal to younger children." - 4/5 stars - m, october 15, 2008. "This is not one of the most capable paint programs out there, but it certainly is among the nicest ones - and although it is meant for kids, there's no reason why someone who's a little young at heart can't play with this one!". "Tux paint is not really a game but a drawing program specifically aimed at children.

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'It teaches the kids how to use a mouse. kwso 7 News, january 14, 2009. "10 ways to spend less, give more! While comparison shopping, shopping sales and pruning your gift list are viable administrative ways to save some money on gifts, there are other creative ways to save. There's nothing wrong with spending money if you have it, but it's dumb to overspend and charge yourself into a deep hole. Regardless of what you do or how much you spend, wasted money is still wasted money. Practical gifts are the way to go this year, so here are a few ideas that won't break the bank. Open source: Tux paint is a computer drawing program that is great for kids. You can give open-source software for adults, such as Linux operating system or Gimp, an image-manipulation program." - financial Survival guide: Stretching every dollar, abc action News, tampa bay, florida, december 21, 2008. "With Tux paint, young children can be introduced to artistic creation and image editing software." - 5/5 letter stars -, december 6, 2008. "Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop Elements might be impressive pieces of software for adults but children probably find them boring.

"Tux paint.9.20b, has been tested 100 clean and rated 5 stars." - m, may 26, 2009. "If you task have a job, chances are you use a computer each day and that's why schools teach students computer skills early. However, while some youngsters get to use a pc or Mac at school, some can't at home - they cost too much money. There's good news for Elgin Elementary, though. A soldier stationed at Fort Sill is doing seeing to it that every student has one. Roecker created his own project - 'reprise.' 'i realized I could get people to donate their own machines he said. 'i could fix them up, put Ed Ubuntu on there, and get that back out to kids that need them.' The program - ed Ubuntu - will give families the tools that will help children of all ages. 'tux paint is a simple painting program he said.

asking for online reviews

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You might introduce the program to your daughter and go from there." - m,. Louis, missouri, "Parent to parent" column, july 23, 2009. "100 Open source Apps for Windows: Many windows users find themselves attracted to the idea of open source software, but aren't quite ready to go all the way and commit to linux on the desktop. However, they might be willing to make a smaller change, like replacing Internet Explorer with Firefox or switching from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice. With open-source newbies like these in mind, we've compiled a list of 100 Open-source Apps for Windows. For this list, we've focused on helpful tools for home or home business users, particularly apps that don't require a lot of technical expertise to download and install. Tux Paint: Designed for kids 12 and under, tux paint is an award-winning drawing program that features an easy-to-understand interface, silly sound effects, and hundreds of pre-loaded images and 'rubber stamps.' And Tux the linux penguin provides help as needed." - datamation, june 23, 2009.

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asking for online reviews

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'i want to become an animator said Angelina Eddins, 11, of West covina. The sixth-grader at Merlinda Elementary, experimented with the award-winning drawing program. Eddins tried a different drawing tools that offered interesting effects. 'This is fun exclaimed 10-year-old Dawson Rogers, who goes. Calvary lutheran School in diamond Bar." - inland Valley daily bulletin, Ontario, california, august 4, 2009. "While some educators have been quick to grasp the potential and promise of open source software, many others have been hesitant to stray from the comfortable zone of commercial applications.


These educators are beginning to see that the open source philosophy has the power to transform education in several key ways. First, schools can use open source apps to replace costly commercial software and free up resources for other purposes. Finally, open-source software gives educators more options than ever before. Today, instructors have dozens, if not hundreds, of options for free and open source applications that help them present lessons on everything from learning the abcs to modeling the complex interactions of molecules during biochemical processes. Tux paint is most suitable for kids in preschool through second grade." - datamation, july 27, 2009. "Foster drawing talent by making it fun: 'our 10-year-old daughter is very interested in drawing comic book characters and does it pretty well. Is there a dvd, book, cd or computer program that could enhance her talent that you and other parents can recommend?' my 10-year-old nephew started using Tux paint and has really blossomed within the past couple of years in general drawing skills.

"Great paint program that comes along very playful." 5-star review at chip online, december 30, 2010. Tux paint was 'download of the day' on the kim Komando radio show, september 24, 2009. "looking for a wonderful image program for your children (or inner child)? Tux paint makes a terrific addition to your family's computer whether you are using Windows, linux, or Mac. In Tux paint Config., the 'saving Tab' area gives you some wonderful choices in how to handle saving images (especially helpful to keep from accidentally overwriting a saved image).

Tux paint is a terrific program for your children (or you) to have hours and hours of fun with. This is definitely a recommended install for everyone's family computer." - how-to-geek, september 23, 2009. That sort of makes sense, but it's certainly a novel way to learn about geometry. Welcome to the college 4 Kidz at mount San Antonio college. Where learning is a fun way to spend part of the summer vacation. The kids in Susanna Mruz's computer animation class seemed to be having a good time. The day before, the students had downloaded Tux paint programs in their computers.

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Different sounds under-score the individual actions, so that the ears dont get bored." Linux journal October 2002 "When I want to see how good a thesis program of this type is, i show my kids and let them go. If theyre asking for it the next time they log in, ive got a winner." Linux-Magazin a german Linux magazine, october 2002 "New Breed Software published Tux paint, a program which accompanies children with their first artistic steps at the computer." revista do linux a brazilian. "Kids tend to love both art and computers, so anything that brings these two things together is bound to go over well. Tux paint is a drawing program that is both easy enough for kids to use and full of fun features and sounds. It may drive parents a little batty, but kids will definitely get a kick out. We particularly liked the magic tool, which includes all kinds of cool effects and graphics. We recommend this program to all users." 4-stars, "Excellent" rating - cnet m, july 5, 2011.

asking for online reviews

The journal, august 2007 "With the potential for cost savings and a growing number of educational applications, open source software is proving to be an effective alternative for schools willing to make the switch.". Scholastic Instructor, august 2007 "Start the new year right. Inspire your Budding Renoirs. Little artists will love tux paint, the free drawing program for children ages 3.". SchoolArts Magazine may/June 2007 "If you need software but are short on funds, you might try open-source software." Macworld Magazine april 2007 "Tux paint provides hours of entertainment for youngsters." The guardian january 9, 2007 (Education guardian weekly — your technical queries answered) "Tuxpaint is an ideal drawing and. "Although intended for 3 year old children, tux Paint provides a pallet of tools worthy of graphic creation software for adults." Linux journal October 2005 "The sound is great, the effects are wonderful and it is easy to use." essay pc projects september 2004 "One thing children love. Tux paint is designed with children in mind. The program is dead easy to use with large, clear and colourful icons." Easy linux november 2003 "The interface has a simple structure. A small penguin helps during operation and gives tips in the lower status line.

Spring 2008 edition. The big deal book of Technology for K-12 Educators. Learning Magazine, january 2008, tux paint was briefly mentioned in the "Teacher's Choice Edition" of learning Magazine: Resources for Successful teaching. Community kids, december 2007 "I downloaded Tux paint and played with it for a few hours. Those who know me know i am weak in the knees when it comes to any fun and artistic computer program and Tux paint is a blast!". Applesauce, october 2007 "Many years ago there was some video of a 2 year-old turning on a mac, launching MacPaint, and starting to scribble. Tux paint picks up from there, but with a wider range of tools, and it's in colour. If you have young children, find Tux paint for them at www.

Open source Options" by betsy ruffin. August/September 2009 "Craft is a great way for kids to all develop their creative skills and let those wild imaginations soar! Tux paint is a fun and freely downloadable family drawing website for ages 3 and. Available for download in over 70 languages, tuxpaint is also fabulous for kids from bi-lingual households.". De telegraaf, july 18, 2009, tux paint appear in the "Digitaal" section of this Dutch newspaper. "The software is developed by enthusiastic volunteers as a open source project. Tux paint remains free, however long you use. That doesn't apply to all programs that are offered free.".

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Print reviews, online reviews, blog Mentions, print reviews, the Old Schoolhouse, june 2012 "Tux paint task is just about the most kid-friendly program i've ever seen. It's designed so the adult can set it up, and even very young children can enjoy it thoroughly. It also has sophisticated enough features for siblings and parents to enjoy.". Linux journal, december 2010, tux paint won the 2010, linux journal. Readers' Choice Awards, "Best Kid-Friendly Application" category. Tux paint was mentioned twice. Computer-Using Educators, onecue Journal, volume 31, number 3: "Green Computing makes 'cents by jim Klien, directory of Information Services technology, saugus Union School District and Chair of the cosn k12 Open Technologies Initiative; and "faking it: Creating your Own Interactive whiteboard" by linda Oaks. Library media connection, august/September 2009, tux paint was mentioned in the "Technology connection" section of lmc volume 28, number 1, in an article entitled "Open What?

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