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The memories seem almost blurry without him as a focus. I cant help but wonder what my life would be like if I had known him sooner. As elizabeth walks towards the curtains they part, revealing a general recreation of the image. Quiet music and the gentle murmurs of conversation can be heard. Luke stands with a glass in his hand and acts as if he is looking for someone. Elizabeth walks across the stage.

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Its over and I thought it was time to that I told someone how much I loved him, if someone knew it wouldnt feel like a dream. I need someone to know, to tell me that it was love and it was real. Im going to see him one last time and I wanted someone to talk to before i said goodbye. (pause) Forgive me Im getting ahead essay of myself, theres a beginning and thats where Ill start. Elizabeth opens the box on the table and starts to sort through photos, they vary in sizes and age but almost all of them are of her and luke. Elizabeth, i met luke in university but it wasnt love at first sight, we spent years drifting by knowing mutual friends, hearing each other's names, even having a class or two together. Until we finally spoke to each other, placing a face to the name. He would save me a seat and I would remind him when papers were due. Elizabeth stops sorting through the photos and places one directly under the light, the image appears on the curtain. Elizabeth and luke are standing close to each other, his head tipped down as she says something into his ear, both hold drinks and smile as people stand around them talking. Elizabeth, its so odd, looking back and remembering a time when he was just another guy sitting in the back row.

Elizabeth dressed in black, she walks towards the desk carrying a small box, as she puts the box on the desk she turns on the lamp. Elizabeth, ive been in love with the same man for almost eight years, not what you call remarkable in comparison to time or even blood strength of emotion but still a small show of dedication. Elizabeth takes off her coat and places it on the desk, a black dress is revealed underneath. Elizabeth, the fact that he was married to someone who wasnt me changes things I think, the sweet love tainted a little, like candies made from burnt sugar. . Hmm you think, a mistress, the second half of a couple who keep it hush hush and hidden. Youre probably wondering why Im telling you this, what could come of confessing, its not a confession. Its not a confession because i dont feel any guilt.

read my writing

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Paige versendaal is moliere a level 3 uvic stageplay writing Student who joins us from the Greek and Roman studies department to show us a thing or two or three or four or more about how to write plays! Losing my mind, characters, luke barbe: tall, handsome, mid 30s. Michelle barbe: light brown hair, fairly attractive, early 30s. Elizabeth geeste: dark hair, fairly attractive, early 30s. Setting, the following play is set in the present. Set, a lone desk sits on the far side of the stage, a projector acting as a lamp projects what is on the table on the closed stage curtains. The set design will adjust according to scenes projected on the curtain. Scene 1, the desk is bare except for a lamp that isnt turned.

Yes, these are short. But the occasional longer one too? There are a couple of those also. And for your books to cost no more than 7/10.50? Then theres every indication that this is for you. You hear it all the time in school, your teacher always goes: Conclude your essay with a lesson, some kind of moral. But heres what Therese and her teacher would like to share instead: Forget about telling the moral, show the pain that reveals the moral. Want to know how to tell people never to cheat without saying so?

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read my writing

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A collection of eighteen short pieces all new! Its 160 pages long, including a handful of pictures and absolutely no scripts. Its available here for.39 ( free delivery) and here for.06 ( free shipping). The subjects include: Jacques cousteaus encounter with Hell; a balloon-folding workshop on failure; development the history of tv remotes; a hide seek game that lasts a lifetime; an academic research teams disappointing project; a naturally occurring cloud of hydrogen cyanide gas; an online alt lit creative. Only friends and family have seen it so far so there are no voices of repute, or totems of critical acumen, i can gesture to or usher in (yet).

So, in the meantime, insightful, playful and sometimes very funny (Friend 1 really quite extraordinary (Friend 2 and Im very excited about the book! (Friend 3) will have. If youve liked any of my films theres a good chance youll enjoy. If you like your experimental fiction to be operating within the bounds business of narrative, then this should be eligible for your bookshelves too. You like short stories?

Youre up in the sky and so close to heaven. But you dont see it this way. You grab your office chair and throw it down the hall. You rip your keyboard out and smash your computer with. You tear down every degree and diploma you have hanging on the wall.

You lost your mind that day. And I couldnt save you, you couldnt save yourself everything that surrounds you is all that you are What have you become? A company drone a machine of waste disposing your toxicity into a company who is consumed with the bottom line i have always wanted to draw the line but you always crossed it you are just like them And you know it And because you. T (photo credit: m ) Advertisements. My writings become a sideline that keeps wandering centre stage, so much so that theres now a paperback book (further details below). Here are three short pieces from that collection mostly experimental fiction with a sprinkling of fact: Production Plan (309 words janie and Jerome (752 words record of Response (2,080 words the mascot Moth several other pieces.

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What is my purpose? You look down from your office window. At all of the people who look like scattered ants moving around frantically. The sun is so close, you can almost touch. And the clouds are so thick you almost get lost in them. And although youre perched high above. A where tall skyscraper could never make you feel as though youre on top of the world.

read my writing

Your routine days dont make you happy leeds anymore. And I dont think they ever did. I dont think i ever did, you used to smile, i used to too. I want to shake you, life is not that bad, i want to press my fingers into your face and push your lips upright. I forget what you look like with a smile. For now, i am the only witness to your sad reflection in the window. Because i know what youre thinking. You wonder: why am I here?

loved you and I believed in you. And there we were, lying to each other. Just to protect our hearts from damage. You are damaged, you sit in your office chair and stare out your window. Maybe you have thoughts of jumping? Maybe you have dreams of being a bird?

And after that, i remember covering umum my mouth in shock. The truth had leaked. I looked around me, at society, at existence moving about and when I turned my back on you and decided to walk away i asked myself: When did we start lying? To ourselves, we created perfect lives about our imperfect lives. We were once children, we anxiously awaited adulthood because grown-ups were allowed to stay up late. They were allowed to have fun. To drink ferociously, to live by their own rules.

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When I business said I didnt love you anymore, i was surprised and disappointed in myself. I couldnt believe those words, buried deep inside, had left my mouth. . I suppose it was only a matter of time before all the lying would weigh heavy on my heart and I would divulge everything to you. I remember how quiet you were. How hurt you were. Your silence was an indication that the truth sometimes doesnt matter, nor is it important, when its at the cost of someones feelings, and I wondered why, when Mama always said the truth is what matters most, even if it hurts. I dont love you anymore. There i said.

Read my writing
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I just had one of those moments. It wasn't my hand writing it was my handiwork. My writing s become a sideline that keeps wandering centre stage, so much so that theres now a paperback book (further details below).

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