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They publish six issues per year, and accept poetry submissions for publication consideration at rolling intervals which you can find on the Iron Horse review submit page on their website. Like many other poetry publishers, Iron Horse has a personal submission page on Submittable where you can use to enter your poems for consideration. They ask that you submit three to five poems at one time. Pay for published poems is 50 per poem. Poetry foundation The poetry foundation is the publisher of the long-standing poetry magazine. The company pays for previously non-published works that are accepted for publication in their magazine. . Submission is limited to four poems for each submission.

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FunforKidz funforKidz publishers accept poetry submission for ziggurat their Hopscotch magazine, which focuses on girls aged 6-13. The company wants submissions on subjects appealing to young girls, such as pets, nature, hobbies, science, festival games, sports, careers, simple cooking or other subjects interesting to young girls. Since the target audience is younger girls, they do not accept poems with themes related to dating, romance or fashion. The company pays a minimum of 10 per poem. The colorado review The colorado review is a long-running literary publication that began in 1956. They will consider poetry submissions of any style, but ask that you limit submissions to no more than five poems at one time. They pay 10 per published page of poetry with a minimum payout. Vqr vqr is a self-described national journal of literature, that accepts poetry submissions of all types and lengths. Like most companies, they only accept work that has not been previously published. The payout is high; 200 per poem for up to 4 poems, or, if you submit 5 or more poems that are all selected, theyll pay 1,000 if your poems are chosen for their print magazine. Iron Horse review The Iron Horse review is a literary journal founded in 1999 by students and faculty at Texas Tech University.

Grain Magazine Grain Magazine is a literary journal that publishes four times per year. The guidelines suggest you read an issue or two of their magazine before submitting your poetry so you can gain a clearer understanding of what types of poetry theyre looking for. They accept submissions of individual poems of up to a maximum of six pages. Pay is 50 per page with a maximum payout of 250 per published submission. The iowa review The iowa review is run by the writing and literature story programs staff at the University of Iowa. They accept previously unpublished poetry works for consideration of publication in their thrice yearly published journal. Although they are open to considering all types of poetry, they do ask that you consider reading an issue of the iowa review before submitting a piece for possible publication so that you can gain an understanding of the type of content they prefer. Pay for accepted poetry submissions.50 per line with a minimum payout.

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For their contests they accept any type of poem, and they assess entries on the basis of originality and uniqueness. They do accept rhyming poems but also mention that non-rhyming poems read better so you might have a higher chance of your poems being accepted if you write non-rhyming poems. Theres no limit to the number of entries you can submit, and payment is high: 350 for first place, 200 for second place and 100 for third place winners. Black warrior review The Black warrior review is a publication of the mfa program in Creative writing at the University of Alabama. They pay a one-year subscription to their magazine blood and a nominal lump-sum fee for all works published in their magazine. Rattle rattles mission, according to their website, is to promote the practice of poetry. They have both an online version of their publication and a print version of their publication. Rattle likes to see poetry submissions that are unique, insightful, musical and that stand out. They pay 50 for poems published in their online publication and 100 for poems that make it to the printed version.

Willow Springs Willow Springs literary magazine is a publication of Eastern Washington University and the Inland Northwest Center for Writers. They publish two issues per year: one in the spring and one in the fall. They accept submission of up to six poems at one time and pay 20 per published poem. The sun Magazine The sun Magazine is an ad-free magazine publisher that accepts submissions for essays, fiction, interviews and yes, poetry. Theres no minimum word count for poetry submissions, and they pay between 100 and 200 for published poetry works. Alaska quarterly review The Alaska quarterly review, a popular literary magazine, accepts poems in traditional and experimental styles up to twenty pages long. They pay 10 to 50 for published submissions and do accept simultaneous submissions as long as they are identified as such in your cover letter. Blue mountain Arts Blue mountain Arts is one of the premier independent card and book publishers in the world, located in Colorado. Theyve been holding bi-annual poetry contests for over thirty years.

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Orion Magazine The Orion Magazine, self-dubbed Americas finest environmental magazine, accepts poetry submissions that offer fresh insight into the intersection thesis of nature, culture and place. Their guidelines allow for writers to submit one to three poems at a time, each having a maximum of forty lines. They pay 100 for accepted poetry submissions. New Myths New Myths is a quarterly published ezine edited by a community of writers, poets and artists, according to their website. They require that all poems submitted have a science fiction or fantasy element in order to be considered. Writers can submit up to five poems of any length at one time.

They pay.5 cents per word, with a minimum payout of 30 for published poetry submissions. SubTropics SubTropics is a literary journal published by the University of Florida. They accept submissions of up to four poems at one time via their online submission service. They will not consider previously published works. The payout is 100 for each poem accepted for publication.

Ploughshares print and digital literary magazine is published by the staff at Emerson College. They accept poetry submissions of between one and five pages, and pay out a minimum of 45 for each accepted submission. The southern review, the, southern review accepts unpublished poems for review to be accepted in their national literary magazine. They require that you limit submissions to five poems or fifteen pages as a maximum. Their payment for works published in their magazine is 25 per page with a maximum payout of 200. The capilano review The capilano review also accepts only unsolicited poetry works for their leading literary magazine.

You can submit poems of up to five pages for publication consideration. Accepted contributors are paid 50 per published page with a maximum payout of 150. Agni agni is a decades-long running literature magazine that boasts an online magazine version as well. Their standard pay is 20 per page for poetry, however they occasionally pay more for poetry based on grants and donations that are sometimes applied. The company accepts a maximum of five poems per submission. Kids Magazines The. Kids Magazines company is the publisher of two famous kids magazines: Humpty dumpty and Jack and Jill. The publisher currently accepts poetry writings for Humpty dumpty magazine, which focuses on kids aged two to six. Poetry submissions should be 4-12 lines, and accepted submissions pay 25 and.

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They will pay at a resume rate of 50 per page for any poems they publish in their magazine. Chicken soup for the soul. The famous, chicken soup for the soul book publishers are seeking submissions for poems for upcoming books. The poems they are looking for should contain an exciting, funny or heartwarming story written in the form of a poem. Submitted poems should be written in the first person and should tell about an incident that happened to you or someone you know. They pay 200 for all accepted poems. Epoch, epoch magazine is nurse a magazine published by the faculty in the Creative writing Program in the English Department at Cornell University. They accept submissions of poems in all forms but ask that you limit each submission to five poems in each envelope. They pay a minimum of 50 for each accepted poem.

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for publication in the Three penney review is high 200. Another well-known literary magazine, boulevard, also accepts unsolicited poetry submissions. You can submit previously unpublished works, up to five poems at one submission, with each poem including a maximum of 200 lines. Boulevard pays a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 250 for each accepted poetry submission. Arc poetry magazine, arc poetry magazine has been publishing the best in contemporary poetry for over thirty years. They accept unsolicited submissions of previously unpublished poems on any subject, in any form. Submissions can include a maximum of three poems.

Its not uncommon to have to wait weeks or even months to hear back regarding your poetry submissions. Near the end of the article, we share more information about how to submit poems in a way that will increase your chances of getting published and paid. Although its not a quick process, you may be able to begin to make a regular income by writing poems once you understand the publication process. Because of potentially long submission processes regarding poetry publication, its important to know that submitting poetry for pay probably isnt the best choice for you if you want to make money quickly. If you are looking for ways to make money quickly, this article on ways to make 700 fast might be helpful. If youre okay with the waiting process, the companies listed below are some melisande of the most popular and well-paying companies for poetry submission. The Three penney review, the, three penney review is a prominent literary magazine.

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Want to get paid to write poetry? You might be surprised at the myriad of literary publications that are eager to pay unknown writers for their content. If writing poetry is something you are good at, there are several companies that will consider paying you for your rhythmic ramblings. If youve got notebooks full of entertaining poems laying around, or if you have always wanted to write poetry, you might want to consider this side hustle opportunity as a way filsafat to make extra money. As you peruse the website links listed below, there are a few things you should know about submitting poetry for pay and publication. First, many literary publications only accept poems that havent been previously published. If they only accept non-published work, it will say that on their submissions guidelines page. Second, it can take awhile for poetry submissions to be reviewed, and accepted or rejected.

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