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Crowley followed that line too: this isnt happening. But team Trump didnt know how to play that game. The first sign of this was invoking the cultural authority of HarperCollins as support for Crowley. Anyone familiar with the book business could have told them that no normal publisher would back them up by agreeing to treat cnns findings as a non-event. Plagiarism is a problem. Within days Harper Collins said it would stop selling the book. Not: we dont see any problem.

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But lets be clear about what happened. Team Trump threw up a reality distortion field after cnns investigation broke: This is not journalism. This is not plagiarism. This is a politically motivated attack. Monica Crowley will be serving in the new Administration. Thats what they said. In other words: your reality, cnn, is that you have found the sort of plagiarism that would normally sink candidates and appointees to public office because its just so blatant. Our buy reality is: This is culture war — liberalism — disguised as investigative reporting. And we are going to show you that your reality is weaker than ours. Now watch us They then proceeded to behave as if the cnn investigation never happened.

So far there is no sign of that. Today monica Crowley backed down. She wont take the job. So far she has not addressed the plagiarism charges at all. My read on beauty this event: we learned something today. In this instance, at least, the Trump camp lacked the will, the skill or the foresight to play the we make our own reality hand and win with. It tried to put down the press, but wound up raising its spirits. Granted, the underlying matter is small: one job on the national security team that will not go to Trumps first pick.

nyu literary reportage

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Ordinarily, an author whose book was withdrawn from marketplace would acknowledge the problem and apologize, but Monica Crowley has so far said nothing and done nothing. The harperCollins statement did not indicate that she was cooperating, or that she intended to revise the book to fix the sourcing problems. Remaining questions: Will the Trump team react management further? Will Crowley keep pretending that none of universities this is happening? Will Columbia university take some sort of action about accusations of plagiarism in her PhD? Finally, the Trump team invoked the good name and professional reputation of HarperCollins when it defended Crowley. But now the professional judgment of that same harperCollins is that the book should no longer be sold. If the publishing house agreed with the Trump team that this was nothing but an unscrupulous attack by enemies of the incoming administration it would not have taken the action it did. If the Trump team truly respected the judgment of HarperCollins — which it called one of most respected publishers in the world — then it would have to re-consider its initial reaction.

Trumps pick for a top National Security council job, plagiarized numerous passages in her. Dissertation, politico magazine has found. Cnn reports : Publisher HarperCollins said tuesday that it will stop selling a book by monica Crowley that a cnn kfile investigation found to have more than 50 instances of plagiarism. Cnn found multiple passages lifted from other writers. HarperCollins, after failing to respond to the original investigation, said it was looking into. Politico said it found portions of Crowleys PhD dissertation were also plagiarized. Then HarperCollins announced: The book, which has reached the end of its natural sales cycle, will no longer be offered for purchase until such time as the author has the opportunity to source and revise the material. Meanwhile, the Trump team has denounced the investigation that led to this point, calling it a politically motivated attack.

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nyu literary reportage

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They would like to make this go away quietly so no one remembers which publisher it was, but for that they need the cooperation of a chastened author. What if Crowley refuses? What if Trump rage Tweets? Then if HarperCollins takes action on the book, it feeds the culture war controversy, and their quiet resolution is blown to bits. If they dont comment and dont take action then it becomes a clear case of intimidation in the climate created by Trump, which wont sit well with editors on staff or writers under contract. So keep your eye on this. We may get an early read on how corruptible our cultural institutions actually are.

8: HarperCollins spokeswoman Tina Andreadis about says the publisher has no comment but is looking into the matter.' we have our first positive sign. According to the ap, harperCollins is reviewing the charges of plagiarism. Thats good only because its 100 percent normal, what any professional publisher would. Therefore harperCollins passed the first test, refusing to suspend standard procedure. The author of the cnn investigation: update, jan. 9: Trump Pick monica Crowley plagiarized Parts of Her. Monica Crowley, president-Elect Donald.

Doesnt mean that Rupert tells them what to do, but it is a fact. Complication #2: cnn had a similar plagiarism case involving one of its own: Fareed zakaria. The network was reluctant to acknowledge any problem. (you can imagine how that will play online.). Heres what I want you to watch for: Harper Collins is going to be asked about this.

They refused to reply to Andrew Kaczynski, but when the new York times, the washington Post and the wall Street journal call for comment it becomes harder to just stonewall. If the normal sequence i just described unfolds — crowley acknowledges the problem and apologizes, harperCollins either fixes the reprint or lets the book drift out of print — then its a two-day story and everyone forgets about. But The Trump transition team already went from zero to 60 on the politicize-everything dial. And Trump is known for backing his people when they get into scrapes. Monica Crowley may decide she did nothing wrong, or nothing the other side wouldnt. She may decide to tough it out, or even escalate this until its a full-blown controversy, complete with charges of fake news (Kaczynskis report) and hypocrisy (CNNs zakaria problem.). Then the focus will turn to harperCollins.

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The statement draws HarperCollins and its accumulated reputation into the filsafat transaction, as if to say, look, the editors respected the author and her work enough to publish the book, so obviously these charges are a filsafat cheap ploy coming from political opponents because harperCollins is one. Normal procedure would be something like this: The author apologizes, perhaps blaming the lapses on a wayward researcher or ghost writer. The publisher tries to fix the problems in future reprints, if there are any. If sales have slowed to a crawl the book is allowed to go out of print and that becomes the solution. In severe cases there might be a recall of books left on the shelves. (Unlikely this would qualify for that.) Also unlikely: the publishing company pretends like nothing happened and the author is allowed to skate. Complication #1: HarperCollins is part of the murdoch empire.

nyu literary reportage

You can judge the clarity and severity of the case yourself by scrutinizing Kaczynskis work. To me it shows that the author (or ghost writer) just didnt care about avoiding the most common form of plagiarism: lifting passages from report texts that informed your writing. One or two of these would be a minor violation of publishing standards. The pattern Kaczynski uncovered is a different matter entirely. The part that most interested me is the statement from the Trump transition team: Monicas exceptional insight and thoughtful work on how to turn this country around is exactly why she will be serving in the Administration, a statement from a transition spokesperson said. HarperCollins — one of the largest and most respected publishers in the world — published her book which has become a national best-seller. Any attempt to discredit Monica is nothing more than a politically motivated attack that seeks to distract from the real issues facing this country. Two things about this response stand out. It goes from zero to 60 on the politicize-everything dial, signaling to Trump supporters that there is nothing here about authorship, publishing, standards, or trust, nothing that might transcend politics, just political combat in another form: a cnn investigation.

personal data we collect and how we use. Log in, featured, michael Spence, a nobel laureate in economics, is Professor of Economics at nyus Stern School of Business, distinguished Visiting Fellow at the council on Foreign Relations, senior Fellow at the hoover Institution at Stanford University, advisory board co-chair of the Asia global. He was the chairman of the independent Commission on Growth and development, an international body that from analyzed opportunities for global economic growth, and is the author. The next Convergence the future of Economic Growth in a multispeed World. Org/Kvghvez; Handpicked to read next, sanjeri/Getty Images. Today andrew Kaczynski of cnn published this article. It says that author and tv figure monica Crowley, recently appointed to the Trump administration as a national security aide, plagiarized many portions of her 2012 book what The (Bleep) Just Happened.

But a respected literary agent told me that using graphs was a bad idea, because only a small share of people absorb quantitative information better when it is presented visually. I came to realize that graphs are, in a sense, answers to questions. If you dont pose a question, a graph is somewhere between uninteresting and meaningless. Recently, the harvard University psychologist Steven Pinker published a book documenting long-term positive trends in multiple dimensions of wellbeing, which he calls the fruits of the Enlightenment. Progress is not, pinker acknowledges, consistent; there have been significant setbacks as new challenges, such as climate change, have emerged. But, generally, wellbeing has been improving since at least the mid-eighteenth century, with the Industrial revolution bringing a sharp acceleration in welfare gains. Since world War ii, 85 of the worlds population living in developing countries have benefited as well. To continue reading, please log in or enter your email address. To access our archive, please log in or register now and read two articles from our archive every month for free.

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Andrew Matthews/pa images via getty Images. Feb 23, 2018, michael Spence, while there is no shortage of challenges facing economies and societies today, they should not be allowed to obscure positive long-term trends. The best remedies for undue pessimism are practical: effective fact-based policymaking, shaped by scientific inquiry and social solidarity. Milan a few years ago, i wrote a book called. The next Convergence, about how developing economies were story catching up to their advanced counterparts in terms of income, wealth, health, and other measures of wellbeing. I looked not just at how these countries had achieved rapid growth including the central role played by an open global economy but also at the opportunities and challenges this process of convergence would bring. In writing the book, i had planned to include a lot of data in visual form.

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theseus is set to discover and face off against the minotaur, so the story might slow down enough to allow readers to savor the tension. Rhb menjadi salah satu daripada bank-bank tempatan terbesar di malaysia adalah sebuah organisasi yang dinamik dan berkembang yang menggalakkan budaya kerja yang berprestasi tinggi dan di mana sumber manusia terus dibangunkan dan dipupuk untuk potensi sepenuhnya melalui program pengurusan bakat.

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  4. Michael Spence, a nobel laureate in economics, is Professor of Economics. Nyu s Stern School of Business, distinguished Visiting Fellow at the council on Foreign Relations, senior Fellow at the hoover Institution at Stanford University, advisory board co-chair of the Asia global Institute in Hong Kong, and Chair of the world Economic. Francos spain: links to franco ( francisco franco bahamonde) and the spain he ruled.

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