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learn to write german

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This video goes over the grammatically correct way to decline plural nouns in the nominative, genitive, dative and accusative tenses in German. You are also given a short vocabulary list of common animals in German (dog, cat, horse and pony). How To: Decline s-declension nouns in German. When speaking German, nouns using the s-declension will sometimes have two different endings (-s or -es) in the genitive declension, which does not change the meaning of the word. This lesson teaches how to appropriately apply each ending. The video also teaches you a short list of German travel words.

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This lesson shows the difference between the three genders and how the articles and pronouns are spelled differently based on the gender of the noun. How To: Conjugate the verb "haben" in German in present tense. The word 'haben' is a very common German word, which means, writing 'to have' or 'to possess.' depending on the structure of the sentence in which it is used, the verb changes its spelling in one of several ways. This video explains how to conjugate 'haben' in the present tense, and gives you several vocabulary words to study. How To: Decline nouns by case when speaking German. Nouns in German will change their spelling (or decline) depending on how they are used in a sentence (called their case). This introduction to german will show you the four basic noun declensions in German - nominative, genitive, dative and accusative - and how they are used. How To: Use personal pronouns in German and the present tense of 'sein'. Personal pronouns are used to refer to relationships between the speaker and the listener - such as 'i 'me' and 'you.' This introductory lesson to german teaches you the personal pronouns used in German. You are also shown 'sein the german word for 'to be in the present tense. How To: Decline plural nouns in German.

"Ich bin Amerikaner" means "I am American" in English. "Ich bin Brite" means "I am a briton" and "Ich bin Franzose" means "I am a frenchman". Practice saying these and make sure you have the pronunciation right for all the different vowels and letters that are in the word. German has a very accent for the. How To: Use gendered nouns appropriately in German. Nouns in German have three main genders - masculine, feminine and neuter. Which gender a word is determine several other grammatical rules, so it's always important to know the correct one when speaking German.

learn to write german

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How To: Decline the definite article in German. In German, nouns will decline, or change their spelling and pronunciation, depending on how the word is used in the sentence. The definite article will decline with the noun, and this video teaches you which of the six forms and sixteen positions is correct to use in each instance. How To: Pronounce simple phrases in German. In this video, we learn how to pronounce simple phrases in German. To say "hello again!" in German, you will say "hallo nochmal!" in German. To say "I am" you will say "Ich bin" in German.

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learn to write german

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To say hello, good day in son German you would say 'hallo, guten tag'! The portion of the phrase 'hallo' means Hello in German. Hello, good morning in German is 'hallo, guten morgen'. Hello, good evening means 'hallo, guten abend' in German. 'gute nacht' means good night in German. If you would like to say goodbye or see you again in some time, you would say 'auf wiedersehen' in German. How To: Greet in German, watch this video to learn how book to greet someone in German.

Here's a quick translation of some of the words used in this video. Top Trending Posts, how To: Use the definite article in German with the nominative and genitive tenses. This lesson instructs you in the correct way to use the definite article in German for the nominative and genitive tenses. This video shows you when to use each tense, and how the definite article changes for masculine, feminine and neuter nouns. There is also a short vocabulary lesson given.

If you want to learn German seriously read the following article. Surround yourself with German. Description, the download of the tool is safe and secure. Smartician created this application that falls into the Educational category. The app has been rated.3 on google Play.

Over 100K users installed learn German with WordPic and the most recent update was released on may 30, 2016. There are in-app purchases and advertisements in the tool. Samsung and Sony users like this application. Download the installer of learn German with WordPic.4.4 free of charge and have a look at users' reviews on Droid Informer. The app runs on Android devices.2 and higher. German Language culture — learn how to read, speak, and write in german « German Language culture : WonderHowTo. How To: say hello, please thank you in German. This video teaches viewers how to say common phrases in German such as Hello, please and Thank you!

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If the author of your German-German dictionary has beauty used a word in a definition you can be sure that this word isn't useless. Efficiency When you learn German with a german-German dictionary, you can learn effectively. For example: you want to learn German on a bus. Normally you must have two things - a book and a dictionary. With our learning algorithm it is enough to have only one thing - a german-German dictionary. There are a lot of German texts in it and you can still use it as a dictionary. This works best during the second stage of our method. If you consider learning German with our method - remember that you can do much more for your German than it is suggested above.

learn to write german

Some of our friends learn German with this method, and they like it very much. But we business can give you more scientific reasons. Grammar without grammar rules, when you learn German using a german-German dictionary, you practise reading in German all the time. Sentences and definitions contain a lot of information on how to use words. This helps you to learn grammar without learning complicated grammar rules. Core vocabulary you learn useful words because they are very often used in definitions. This is a reason why our method is so fast - you don't waste your time on learning useless vocabulary.

to explain them. You write down all new words with German definitions, and you write down example sentences. Why you should learn German with our method. There are many reasons. First of all, we know that our method works. One of the Apronus owners learnt German with this learning algorithm. We also know other people who did.

Compare with an analogous item from a bilingual German-English dictionary. Die, biologie biolo'gi biology. Our learning algorithm has two stages. Stage 1 - bilingual learning, more about Stage 1, you try to writing read a book in German. You look up words in a german-German dictionary. When you don't understand definitions in your German-German dictionary you use a german-English dictionary to translate them. You write down all new words with German definitions that you understand, and you write down example sentences. You also write down difficult words with English translation. Stage 2 - monolingual learning.

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If you are a beginner who has just made his first steps in German, and if you want to be an intermediate or advanced learner and you don't want to spend ten years learning, it means that friendship you are at the right place. Our learning algorithm in general, you need a good book written in German or translated into german, one good German-English dictionary and one good. German-German dictionary with examples and with phonetic transcription. There are two kinds of dictionaries - monolingual and bilingual. A german-German dictionary is a german monolingual dictionary. It means that all words are explained in German. Below you can see an example item from a monolingual German dictionary. Die, biologie biolo'gi -: Wissenschaft vom Leben der Pflanzen, tiere und Menschen: sie unterrichtet Mathematik und biologie; er hat.

Learn to write german
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  1. German conjugation: the best way to learn how to conjugate a german verb.

  2. Learn german at apronus com. For example: you want to learn German on a bus. You write down all new words with German definitions, and you write down example sentences. German conjugation: future, participle, irregular verbs german verb conjugation.

  3. History of German Script. It is designed to help you learn to read and write the Old German Script. I want to learn : Before you write the questions, you need to define the possible results of your personality quiz.

  4. German alphabet, consonants and vowels. Learn to speak german. 9 German -Arabic joyful Dictionary. 29 Write Express Rhymer and Phonetic Finder.

  5. Learn to read, write and speak, german. Practice your, german whenever you have a minute,. While you wait in line. I hope the content of this page was useful to you, and that you learned some.

  6. Learn, german grammar - participles as adjectives and adverbs. Learn to speak, german with these basic and advanced grammar and vocabulary lessons, quizzes, study tips, and articles about. Learn, german with WordPic.

  7. Learn, german and French: Memorize words Mobile - education, Shareware,.99,.2. Learn, to, speak, german - food drink mobile - travel, Shareware,.99,.0. Learn, german in this two part series with SpeedyConKiwi. German language culture learn how to read speak and write in german.

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