Key stage 2 homework

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key stage 2 homework

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Even though Literacy and numeracy are the main focuses, it is essential that our children experience and broad and balance curriculum, that both interests and excite them. Below is a taster of what we get up to day to day. Science in year 5/6, our current science topic is how we see things. The children have been learning about how the eyes work and how light behaves; they have developed their understanding of the different parts of the eye and how they function together to allow us to see. They have also enjoyed experimenting with light as shown in the photographs using resources such as mirrors and periscopes. This kind of hands-on experience is crucial in the development of scientific understanding. Art in year 5/6, this term we have been looking at how movement is conveyed in art in our unit on people in action. The children have been looking at how various artists have portrayed movement in their work and experimented with some of these styles in their own work.

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In Maths, there is an emphasis on developing mental maths strategies, children need to be able to quickly select the correct strategy and calculate at speed. We can only stress the importance that all children in year 5 and 6 know their times tables. We have introduced daily mental maths sessions and weekly mental maths tests in order to develop childrens speed of mental calculation. The school solar has introduced mental maths challenges and there is a weekly mathematician of the week award. Children are all given maths number cards which they can take home to learn and which contain key number facts suited to their ability. Children are then tested at school on these key number facts. They can achieve bronze, silver and gold stickers before moving on to the next level. The mymaths website is an aid to the teaching of maths and is used for homework activities. mymaths offers a fully interactive, online learning solution for all abilities. Interactive lessons, games and worksheets are linked to a powerful Assessment Management system that allows teachers to teach in a fun and dynamic way while tracking progress effectively.

It friendship is usually the underlining meaning that the children struggle to recognise, and explaining their own views as to why authors use certain words or choose to set out texts in particular ways. Within school, we have weekly comprehension lessons and daily guided reading sessions. Your child may also be working in an additional comprehension group, which is targeted to their needs. Both reading and talking to others, using correct grammar and an interesting vocabulary, will also aid the children in their writing. Children are encouraged to use a varied vocabulary in their writing in order to produce written work which appeals to their reader and makes people want to read. . Children should confidently begin their sentences with a variety of interesting sentence starters, they should be able use a range of appropriate connectives to extend their sentences and descriptive words to describe both nouns and actions. The new sats tests, introduced in 2014, have rightly brought a focus back to grammar, punctuation and spelling. . we look for every opportunity to develop the childrens written work in all subject areas.

key stage 2 homework

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All lessons are differentiated to ensure that identified groups of children are challenged appropriately. We use maple (more able pupil learning experiences) tasks to really stretch the mind and skills learnt We have also introduced numerous literacy and numeracy booster sessions, mainly for year 6 children, these really focus on the childrens needs in order to successful meet their targets. Children actively take part in assessing their own learning, it is essential that they know what they need to do next to improve. We regularly speak to the children about their targets, in their workbooks they make comments about their learning, this is also invaluable for teachers, allowing us to mould our planning so as to meet the childrens individual needs. Childrens progress is carefully monitored and tracked, allowing us to identify children who are struggling to make progress and those children who are excelling our expectations and need further challenge. In years 5 and 6, we are focusing on developing the childrens comprehension skills. The children need to be reading as much as possible and discussing what they have read with thesis their parents and teachers.

In years 5 and 6, we are doing everything we can to support the children in reaching their full potential. The school day like in Lower key stage 2, begins at 8:50 however the children can walk into their classrooms from 8:40 each day, and are then collected by parents/carers at their 'lines' on the infant playground when the school day finishes at 3:20pm. For some parents/carers they may give permission for their child to walk home in friendship pairs. We ask that if this is the case this information is put in writing for the attention of the class teacher. For safety reasons some parents/carers may wish for their child to have a mobile phone with them on their journey. We ask that our mobile phone policy is read and agreement signed, we also ask that these devices are handed over to the office team every morning and are then collected each evening before making their way home. We believe it is essential to stretch all of our children so they can leave harold court Primary School believing in their own ability and start their secondary education with confidence and positivity. The main areas of focus for us are ensuring that our children are confident in leaving school in the core areas of reading, writing and mathematics.

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key stage 2 homework

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Maths Homework helper brings together everything you need to get to grips with this vital subject and life skill. With it, you can support your child's maths learning effectively at home. Youll discover how to tackle all the different topics your child will encounter from addition and subtraction, to ratios and percentages and get familiar with all the latest methods used in schools. Literacy homework helper covers report the ins and outs of reading, writing and spelling as they are taught in the primary national curriculum. Whether you are trying to help with a specific piece of homework, your child has a problem with a topic theyve covered at school, or you just want to give an extra boost at home to their literacy learning, this resource is designed for you. Key stage 2 is one of the most important periods in your childs education.

Its in these school years that your child is introduced to some of the core learning concepts that they need to master before secondary school. Theyll review and consolidate learning done throughout primary school and be tested frequently to check that they are acquiring and retaining the right information. Whether your child is struggling, jumping ahead, or you just want to check they are right on track, you can boost their child's confidence throughout years 3, 4, 5 6 with TheSchoolRun key stage 2 book bundle. There are 3 of our best-selling books in the bundle. Maths Homework helper ebook covers all the core maths topics, from the basics of addition and subtraction to multiplication, division, working with measures, shape and space, and handling data. Grammar Made easy ebook gives you confidence in the grammar basics so youre fully prepared to help your child and Spelling Made magic our best-selling book - is packed with tips and tricks to help your child master this literacy essential.

Key stage 2 English worksheets including comprehension, grammar and spelling and, key stage 2 Maths worksheets including multiplying, dividing, mental maths and solving problems using time, measure or money, as well as, key stage 2 science worksheets, sats past papers and practice papers for the. Grammar, punctuation and Spelling test. Articles, how your child develops in key stage. What changes can you expect to see in your child over the next four years? Read more, simple experiments for KS2 scientists, have you got a budding Galileo or Newton in the family? Help your child's developing scientific enquiries by finding out what they will be learning in science lessons and how to support their practice at home.

Key stage 2 sats testing - what's involved? Not sure what your 11 year old will be tested on in their sats? Read on to find out more, along with examples of the questions they may come up against. Read more, worksheets join TheSchoolRun today. And instantly access thousands of worksheets, activities and games for your child Also see: booster packs for key stage 2 Put KS2 literacy and numeracy skills into action with hundreds of activities to boost your child's knowledge and confidence. Covering all the core learning objectives for years 3-6 in English and maths, you'll discover fun ways to support learning in these fantastic booster packs: Maths and English homework help is at hand! If you dread being asked by your child to help with their maths or English homework - fear not! We've got two excellent ebooks that will help you instantly find the answers you need.

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ok then check out 1200 freely downloadable/photocopyable maths worksheets. you need to check out the Ancient Egypt Web Site. What about the, indus Valley civilisation? check out this site - dedicated to filling in the details. The, bbc writing online Primary page as always great resources from the bbc. The department of Education and Employment have a number of key. Stage 2 papers which may be of interest. Key stage 2 covers, year 3, year 4, year 5 and, year 6 and ends with, key stage 2 sats. Support your child at home with thousands.

key stage 2 homework

Find out all about the, mary rose with this interesting and informative site. Key stage 2 resources from the Staffordshire learning Net. Enrich your Maths - with the Primary maths enrichment library site - great resources. Educate the Children - includes downloadable lesson plans. More use to parents and teachers. Pythagoras - easy peasy lemon squeezy - with this interactive site - click on the enter button - no password or user id is required. Animal Bytes - help you quickly find information about some of the unique creatures found in the animal kingdom. From the seaworld people - home of Shamu the killer Whale (boy is he big!). I want more maths!

for teachers plus the site can be downloaded and viewed offline for free. Doring Kindersley have just made their web sites free to access. Great learning fun for the younger internet surfer. Geography games - learn geography whilst having fun. Site suitable for key stage 2/3. The rspca can tell you lots about animals - you can adopt a rspca cyberpet and check to see if your school is animal cool. The living Planet - animal quiz, amazing Facts, word search - good fun and learn something too.

Improve your English with these exercises. Based on foreign students learning English there are many interactive quizzes. The bug stops here, great informative site from the domestos people - bugs under the microscope! Learn about helpful and harmful micro-organisms. Interactive activities for primary school children from the Apple Star Tower. Enter in as an reviews adult or a child. Comtains many activities that you can have fun and learn at the same time. Draw and Colour with uncle Fred. Great site to teach you the basics of drawing.

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Key stage 2 homework
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The school day like in Lower key stage 2, begins at 8:50 however the children. Website is an aid to the teaching of maths and is used for homework activities. Improve your English with these exercises.

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  1. Key stage 2 Homework. We are proud to show you some of our fantastic homework. Look at some of our monsters we made for homework. Welcome visions and Values contact Details who s Wh o key information ofsted Reports key stage 2 Results pupil Survey curriculum eyfs year.

  2. If you continue without changing your settings, we ll assume that you are happ y to receive all cookies on the bbc website. However, if you would like to, you can. KS2 Maths activities, tests and notes for primary school children studying number, shapes space and measure and handling data.

  3. Support your child in key stage 2 (KS2) with worksheets, activities and games that. Literacy homework helper covers the ins and outs of reading, writing and. Help your child succeed in key stage 2 (KS2) maths with worksheets. Help with their maths homework, as learning methods and terminology are sometimes.

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