Is it always essential to tell the truth essay

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is it always essential to tell the truth essay

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Now, theres a much more sensible way to find out what sort of cool things you can do with Assistant in the Explore menu. Idg to access this menu, open Assistant and tap the blue drawer icon in the upper right corner. Here, you can find all the services supported by Assistant broken down into categories like social communication, Education reference, games fun, and more. Each tile links to a full info page where you can see sample commands and (if necessary) link your account. Bottom line: Checking out the Explore menu is the easiest way to keep track of newly added apps and services. There are also some general Assistant command suggestion at the top. You dont even have to speak the suggestions, just tap the bubble and theyll be dropped right into Assistant.

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Assistant then immediately brings up the sharing interface so you can send the screen to a message or upload it someplace. The screenshots taken via assistant arent saved locally, so you wont end up with clutter from repeated screenshot captures. Listen to podcasts ryan Whitwam/idg google has built a basic podcast interface into the google app, and the easiest way to access it is via assistant. You might want to listen to podcasts in this fashion because googles solution is quick and easy. Just say, listen to podcast name to fire up the latest episode. If you were in the middle of punjabi an episode, assistant picks up where you left off. Your progress is not device-specific, either. You can start listening safety to a podcast on your phone, then tell Assistant on google home you want to listen to the same podcast. Rather than start, over, it starts where you last listened on your phone. Explore menu google used to hide all of Assistants features in a series of esoteric, buried menus.

If you want to look for specific photos youve taken, you can do it right from google Assistant. Assistant plugs into the amazing search capabilities of google Photos, so you can ask to see almost anything. You can ask Assistant to pull up pictures of specific people, locations, and even objects. Tap the image results to scroll through them immediately, or open google Photos via the shortcut under your pics. Just make sure you preface your request with something like my photos to ensure you get images from your google Photos library rather than images from a google search. Take and share screenshots ryan Whitwam/idg you can capture screenshots on Android phones by holding the power and volume buttons, but Assistant can do it, too. In fact, thesis it might be faster if you intend to share the screenshot right away. Open Assistant and say, take a screenshot or share a screenshot. It takes a moment to capture the screenshot, but youll get a preview as soon as its done.

is it always essential to tell the truth essay

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You can tell Assistant to remember things just by saying Remember that some piece of information. You could tell google to remember where you parked, what you did with the spare house key, your high score in Tetris, or anything else. As a handy bonus, Assistant also saves maps when you tell it where you parked. Later, you can ask google to recall the information in various ways. You can be direct, like asking Assistant Where did I park? You can recall factoids youve saved with What did I say about x? Or Remind me about. Search your google Photos uploads, ryan Whitwam/idg google Photos is a fantastic backup solution for all your snapshots. Google offers unlimited storage of images and videos, provided youre okay with a little compression, and Pixel owners get free full-quality backups.

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is it always essential to tell the truth essay

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After adding a new smart home resume device like a camera or thermostat, open up Assistant and say, sync my devices. Assistant tells you its syncing with your connected accounts, and a few seconds later any newly added devices will appear in your list. Make sure to add them to rooms in Assistant for full functionality. Assistant is great for calling up little tidbits like the weather, stock"s, or even jokes. You dont even have to ask every time, though. You can have assistant proactively send you certain bits of information as a daily update.

To configure a daily update, start by asking your question normally—ask it for the weather, a dad joke, whatever. After Assistant pulls up the content, you can follow up with Send this to me daily. Assistant asks what time you want the update, and youre all set. To change or cancel a daily update, just say, see my subscriptions. Have assistant remember things short for you. Ryan Whitwam/idg, your squishy human brain is fallible, but google Assistant can remember things without fail. All you have to do is ask.

Your google home doesnt move, of course, but your phone does. When you add a reminder via assistant on Home or your phone, consider adding a location. For example, remind me to buy milk when I go to a grocery store. The reminder wont appear on google home because it doesnt go anyplace with you, but your phone will ping you when it detects youre in the right place. Identify songs, ryan Whitwam/IDG. Wondering what that vaguely familiar song playing in the background is?

Google Assistant is probably the fastest way to find out. On your phone, long-press the home button to launch Assistant, and you might have a contextual button that says Whats this song? That only appears when Assistant hears music in the background. If it doesnt show up, you can say/type that phrase to launch the recognition. Assistant listens for a few seconds, and then returns a match. Youll get the song, artist, album, lyrics, and links to listen to it online. Sync connected smart home devices, ryan Whitwam/idg, google Assistant supports numerous smart home devices, but you might notice that devices youve just added to your account dont always work right away. Thats because Assistant isnt constantly scanning for new connections. You can give it a kickstart.

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You can give this moliere a shot right now by stringing two commands together. For example, turn off the lights and give tomorrows forecast. Assistant will do both without a second command. Unfortunately, you cant use routines or shortcuts with multiple commands. In addition, this feature is only live on the google home version of Assistant. It wont work on your phone. Location-based reminders, ryan Whitwam/idg, google was famously slow to add reminder support to google home, but its been there for a while. More recently, google expanded reminder functionality to understand location.

is it always essential to tell the truth essay

You can also have assistant play media like podcasts, music, and sleep sounds at the end of a routine. When youre all done, you can change the order of actions, which is handy if youve crammed a lot in there. Trigger multiple actions, ryan Whitwam/IDG. Assistant launched with a single-tasking approach. You told it one thing to do, and it would either do that thing or tell you it didnt know how to help. If you had more requests for Assistant, youd start over with a new command. Google has quietly added support for multiple actions in a single command, essay but it wont work on everything.

page. Custom routines, ryan Whitwam/idg, if googles pre-loaded routines arent doing what you want, you can also create a completely custom routine from scratch. Go to routines under the Assistant settings, but dont tap on the ready-made options. Instead, hit the plus button down at the bottom to make a custom routine. Youll need to enter at least one trigger phrase to start. Then, add actions either by typing in commands or using the popular actions list. Being able to input text means you can have your routine do anything you could do manually in Assistant. Remember to add a custom response to your routine so you know it triggered correctly, too.

Preferences assistant voice, and youll be able to choose between the eight options. Tap on any of them, and they will begin reading off a sample. Once youve chosen, go back and all your Assistant devices will use the new voice. Routines, ryan Whitwam/idg, using Assistant to do the same few things all the time can be tedious, but routines might be able to help. This feature allows you to connect multiple actions to a single essay command. There are only a few pre-determined routine commands right now, but they could still save you a lot of time. To get started, open the Assistant settings and scroll down. In this menu, google provides six pre-loaded commands: good morning, bedtime, im leaving (leaving home im home, lets go to work, and lets go home.

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Google has had voice search features in Android for years, but when google Assistant rolled out on the pixel in October 2016, everything finally came together. You can now get Assistant on all modern Android devices, and google has already announced new Assistant features at I/O story 2018 that will make it even better (okay, and maybe a little too real, in the case of Duplex). It can be easy to miss the improvements if you dont obsessively keep an eye on the news, so here they are in one place: the coolest new features in google Assistant. Further reading: The best Android phones, change the Assistant voice, ryan Whitwam/IDG. Theres nothing wrong with the default Assistant voice, but perhaps youre getting a little sick. Google added a handful of alternatives last year and recently expanded to a total of eight different voice options. It only takes a moment to change the voice, but the menu is somewhat buried. Start by opening the settings menu via assistant or the google home app.

Is it always essential to tell the truth essay
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