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Your confidence does half of the work. So practice your speech in front of your friends and family members to gain the confidence. If you want to win the competition then you must take a look at the tips and Hacks to win any speech competition. Dont hurry while delivering the speech. Take deep breaths and pauses wherever you feel necessary. Look at the audience while giving your speech. Make good use of hand gestures and your body language. Make your speech interactive.

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We have written a dedicated article. Types of Essay writing and topics fly which is very useful for you guys. Essays are made of multiple sections and those sections are an introduction, main story, and conclusion at the tag end. Try to write the essay in order of these sections and maintain the flow between them. Using a pen with darker ink helps to create more impact. A good handwriting will help you to score the extra marks, but dont worry if you dont have a nice handwriting. Keep your essay neat and clean. That will do the work. Tips for Speech on raksha bandhan. Confidence is the key to a successful speech.

I never finished, The fights that I started. I pulled your leg, i teased you pelleas to no end. Even then you chose, to remain my best friend. I love you sister. tips for Essay on raksha bandhan. Every essay belongs to a special type and that essay should be written according to that type. So before starting to write the essay understand that which type of essay you are writing.

essay on brother and sister

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She comments something silly on my photos. . No matter how we irritate each other and annoy each other, we both love each other a lot. In school, we pledge that all Indians are my brothers and sisters. There are girls who we know, face many obstacles who need a brother figure to stand by her side, support her. They are the victim of the eve teasers on the road, sexual harassment on public transport which is an everyday occurrence for millions of girls and women, there are many such problems which are faced by the girls in our society, which happen in front. Protecting them is our responsibility. Raksha bandhan does not discriminate the bond of love with the creed. The festival of rakshabandhan is not only for biologically related brother and sister, it is also for those people who share the same love and bonding of a brother and sister. I remember a poem perfectly written for a lovable sister and goes like this, i fought with you, i left you broken hearted.

I secretly take some coins out of her piggy bank. She secretly eats my ice cream which I hide in the fridge. We always try to irritate each other. But when any one from us is not in the home, we feel alone. She keeps my secrets from papa. I give her some money from my pocket money. We click hundreds of selfies in the day. I post her dumb pictures on Facebook.

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essay on brother and sister

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Our parents always tell us to marathi stop fighting! But we never seem to stop. Siblings always fight but they start feeling upset when their sister/brother is not around. The brother sister bond is eternal, to celebrate this loving bond raksha bandhan festive is celebrated. It depicts the love of report brother and sister. It means the bond of Protection. On this day the sister ties, a thread called as rakhi on brothers wrist, praying to god for the brothers safety whereas the brother gifts her chocolates, sweets etc in return and promises her to always safe guard her from the evil.

A brother will always look after his sister, take care of her, do anything for her and the sister never let her brother be in any trouble. Talking about my sister, we always fight on anything like every other brother and sister fights. She always teases. I always try to irritate her and disturb her when she is studying. She shouts in my ears when i am sleeping. I hide her shoes when she is getting late for the school.

Festivals are the way we come together, share our happiness and bond with each other. Raksha bandhan is one such occasion. It is the celebration of the love between a brother and sister. To make students understand the importance of the relation between a brother and sister, students in schools and colleges across. India are asked to write an essay or deliver a speech on the topic of raksha bandhan. So, in this article, we have given you an essay on raksha bandhan in simple English language which will also help you to prepare a speech as well as write a paragraph on the same topic.

Essay on raksha bandhan, there are so many festivals celebrated in India. A festival is the occasion of enjoyment and celebration of togetherness which strengthens our bond with our family members, relatives, friends etc. They promote peace and harmony and raksha bandhan is one of them. Its a festival of brothers and sisters. Rakshabandhan is the day we celebrate the love between a brother and a sister and how can we forget the fights that we always have with our sister/brother? We fight with our brother/sister over small things. We fight on what to watch on tv, we siblings, fight on who is going o get the bigger piece of the cake and even if they are quiet we purposely tease them. We just cant live without disturbing them.

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Instead of possessing this mentality employers should strive to make employees feel better about themselves and their jobs (detienne 466). A good Blacksmith can take a hammer and forge a weapon into a tool that can benefit the whole village. Employers are the Blacksmiths employees are the hammers, monitoring is filsafat the tool. It takes both to make a tool to benefit the future. Energy fm is the next phase in the evolution of a family of stations re-known for their great musical prowess, the sister station of mello pelleas fm your stations that plays your strong songs. As part of the mello family you are guaranteed good music, clear sounds and the best disc jocks in the business. Energy fm boasts the latest musical technological equipment with the aim of getting you energized 24 hours a day, an electrifying team of broadcasters that ensure that you never miss a beat. Energy fm brings you back to what radio use to be, a nonstop musical landscape that is accessible on the regular platforms and all your devices.

essay on brother and sister

The company insisted that they were not spying but were only trying to improve their business (detienne 465). If monitoring is not used correctly businesses will suffer with increases in operating costs because of increased turnover, absenteeism, medical costs, and workers compensation (detiene 465) Employers who use positive reinforcement with monitoring will guarantee better motivation. Employers therefore receive the benefits of better business (detienne 465). Although, most employers will use monitoring in a positive way, legislation may be needed to protect olefin employees from those who abuse the monitoring system. The protection of employees should be the most important issue now and in the future. Legislation has the potential to help employees with issues of better treatment and the right to privacy (de tienne 465). In the new Century companies that succeed, according to john Scully who is chairman of Apple computers, will be the ones who learn from the past and from the me boss and you employee mentality.

how bad an employee is doing their job, it could cause the opposite effect (detienne 463). Monitoring can have a positive effect on workers by letting the employee access their own information. In a study by Christopher Early information about job performence given by a computer is accepted better than a performance rating given by a boss. This can only have positive results for both employers and employees (de tienne 463). While at this time monitoring is based on the output of an employees performance. In the future there will be more freedom for employees to use their own ideas, therefore making monitoring more effective (detienne 464). While monitoring will be used mostly as a tool. One example of monitoring as a weapon is seen when a woman took an extra minute in the bathroom was threatened with loosing her job. With this added stress she suffered a nervous breakdown.

As we enter this new age of technology we must remember that with more power comes more responsibility by employers and employees dom alike. Smith, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison explains that knowledge can be used as a weapon or as a tool (detienne 462). For instance monitoring abuse can be found in the in the situation of airline agents. The agents discovered that by keeping customers on hold while finishing their work they could gain an extra 5-minute break (de tienne 462). In the future these evasions of work will be stopped and for this reason employees who are accustomed to evading the monitoring system may no longer be able to tolerate it (de tienne 463). These types of employees may find they can no longer survive the added pressure of not being able to evade the system (detienne 463). While monitoring can add pressure to some employees it can also be a relief to others. It is a relief to the employee because it provides information readily at hand.

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Big Brother, little sister Computer Monitoring Essay, research Paper. Computer Monitoring, forging tools for the future. Computer Monitoring is most often intended to improve efficiency and nurse effectiveness in the workplace, but with good intentions comes the opportunity for abuse by employers and employees alike. An example of both can be found in an article taken from The futurist. Kristen Bell de tiennes composition big Brother or Friendly giant: Computer Monitoring in the 21st Century is an exceptional observation as to what the future may hold for those people choosing to enter the technological field such as industry, commerce, medicine and science. As Computer Monitoring increases there comes a concern for the types of effects it may have in the workplace. According to detienne, by the end of the decade, as many as 30 million people may constantly be monitored in their jobs (462). As computer systems become more sophisticated this number will drastically increase.

Essay on brother and sister
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