Jett business plan

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jett business plan

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I have rickety piles of things I still have to scale to get to that place where i learn who i truly am and how I'm going to move forward, but I'm going to trust my inner soul more to lead the way. Almost every day i start the day by making the bed (a habit I just built into my routine to feel like i have control and completion over one thing in my life then while the coffee brews I pray, then meditate and then.  i've also decided in the past year to try not to read the news on weekdays. It's not a good way to start the day since it depresses. Instead i use my coffee time to read or listen to something that is going to inspire. Then I do my nyt seven Minute workout and my stretches and by then I'm usually ready to go to work. The last two weeks I gave myself permission to let work slide. I am thankful i am self-employed and this is my slow season so i can do that.

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I asked her if she was going to attempt the climb. She just looked at for me with love, smiled and shook her head but indicated I should climb. I climbed the tower of chairs writing and at the top was this gorgeous classroom with walls of windows and I had a sense that I belonged there. I looked back down at my friend below. She was still looking up at me and smiling. I knew she was choosing not to take the risk i just took, but that she was going to find her own way and we were both proud of ourselves. I know my dream moved in a different direction after that but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get that part of the dream back, but it didn't matter. I saw what I needed to see. I have ropes to climb down. I have ropes to climb.

I woke up this morning and knew that I had to remember a dream that I was having when I woke. I don't usually try to remember dreams, but I was feeling like i should remember this one. I dreamt that I was trying to get to a class. The classroom was on the second floor of a building and there wasn't an elevator or a staircase. I looked around and I found a rickety tower someone had built of old chairs. I looked up at it and knew I had to climb it in order to get to that classroom and I wasnt task sure if I should take the risk. I wasnt sure if the chairs would hold. Then I was standing there with someone who was in my business plan writing class (from which I recently graduated).

jett business plan

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How did letting go turn out for me? I am writing about it right now. It inspired me to reach back into myself and write which I would say is a pretty good roi. It's Monday and I was trying not to panic as I went to sleep last night. I know that I need to get back to work. I need to pay bills no matter what happens so i didn't really want to wake up today because i was scared about what steps I needed to take this week to continue on my path. It's such a long and hard process, but I'm learning to trust those inner vibrations and callings, but also starting to understand the process of letting them germinate on their own and not forcing anything and do you know what? I had two of the craziest things happen.

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jett business plan

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With Brennan's encouragement I grabbed onto the health rope and started scaling/repelling down. I was scared but I took it slow. And I made. The reward was being on a gorgeous beach with only a couple of handfuls of other brave souls who were willing to scale the cliffside. The beach was huge so we found a spot far from everyone else, set up our blanket and had about four hours until sunset to chat, walk, sleep, eat, meditate and feel the sun and smell the air and hear the ocean and birds and. It was better than I could have ever imagined.

I didn't read the book. I didn't write in my journal. I just let myself fill with joy and it was wonderful. As usual, when I let life happen - even if it takes me to a challenging spot which I'm afraid I might not be able to navigate - if I choose that path and take the risk it usually ends writing up being an experience i'll. As I sat on the beach, there were some moments I started worrying about scaling that rope back up the cliff, but I let go of the fear and didn't let it ruin my afternoon - and I made it back up that darned rope. It was actually easier than the route down - and it was all so much better than cleaning the house.

We packed up and got a much later start than I had anticipated. Again, my initial thought was dread that we were going to be in traffic, that his choice of going to half moon bay would suck because the traffic by the time we got there would be horrendous. That there was no way we were going to find a peaceful beach with everyone in the bay area going to the ocean on such a nice day. But I let all these thoughts go and decided to live in the moment and trust that somehow it would work out. This is where the rope comes. Brennan had read about a beach south of Half moon bay which required a 1/2 mile walk.

He figured not a lot of people would be willing to walk the half mile with all their crap, so that's where we headed. After sitting in traffic, but chatting and listening to good music to get us through and stopping at a market to pick up a packed lunch we arrived so late that cars were parked lining the highway at the trailhead. It wasn't a good sign. Again, i decided not to get upset, kept the faith and we moved further south on Hwy. We got to a dirt parking lot which had very few cars, but a sign for the beach so we parked and started hiking down the steep trail. And then we got to the rope. The trail was so steep that you couldnt go down on your own so someone had put in a rope so you could scale the cliffside. I'm terrified of heights but again didn't give in to my fears and doubts. I watched some people climb up the rope and asked them how far it went down (that was the other thing - your couldn't see where the rope led and how long it was).

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Saturday i beauty was feeling guilty that I had taken so much "me time" in the last month and i knew I needed to clean the house, but as I read my book in bed with a cup of and coffee and felt the warm breeze come. I needed to be there listening to nothing but waves and birds. To walk, to meditate, to lay on a blanket and feel the sun on my face. My initial thought was that I wanted to go on my own and bring my book and music and reflect on my own. Plus my husband is a bit of a homebody these days and hates to go out in bay area traffic in any situation so i only half-heartedly asked him if he wanted to go with. He said yes and we started making a plan. Instead of feeling disappointed that I couldn't have my "me" time, i decided to embrace his willingness to go with me and even to his revisions of what beach we should. He has been my rock the past couple of years. He's been incredibly supportive during my midlife crisis (as ive been with his) and I needed to let go of my control-freak nature so i didnt get bummed out that my plans were altered.

jett business plan

much as I try to pick myself up by the bootstraps (something i've always been able to do in the past it's just not working this time. I decided to give myself a couple of days to rest and reflect and read the rest of the book, but the couple of days has turned into almost two weeks (Im also doing the exercises that are part of the process of reading the. Stage 9 of the book is about "cultivating soul-fullness". While in stage 9, one is presumably still moving through and vacillating between other stages, but in this stage youre starting to see some glimmers and soul stirrings. I realized that i've been getting these stirrings for about a year now and am trying to grasp at them and move into "doing" which is something I'm always trying to do - pulling myself up by the bootstraps by trying to embrace, solve and. But the author gently tells us to let the stirrings go for now. Not to act, but just to observe and listen and let the seed cultivate and grow on it's own. Some seeds will take and others may not.

It was February 3rd so for a chicago native, choosing to stay at home and clean the house was not an appealing option, but sadly, it was kind of a tough decision for. The last time i wrote i mentioned I'm reading a book called "Hidden Blessings". This time in taxi its entirety. I'm definitely in midlife crisis and have been for about ten years. According to the book, a typical midlife crisis can last 10-12 years. Some are less, some are more. In any case, i've been vacillating between several of the middle stages (according to the book) between the ages of 48 and my current age which.

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Jett business plan
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