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thesis submission

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The Program Advisory committee may assign soapbox proposals to other presentation formats based on content and topic. 3 Minute Thesis (students early career researchers only) Familiar to many doctoral and postdoctoral students, the 3 minute thesis provides a great opportunity for students to discuss their research in a way that is accessible to people outside of their field. Students will present their 3 minute thesis as part of the pre-conference workshop offerings, and the winner will be given the opportunity to present within the conference plenary session. This provides students and researchers with less than five years of experience with some great insights into career development (as well as sector exposure and the audience with a quick overview of a suite of current research. Presenting at Conference past speakers have told us that speaking at the national suicide Prevention Conference is a rewarding, exciting experience, but it can be hard work. Speakers are discussing a sensitive topic that may impact you personally, and will have personal implications for members of the audience.

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Workshops are instructional and interactive, with time for questions and discussion. Workshops will be scheduled for 90 minutes. The Program Advisory committee may assign workshop proposals to other presentation formats based on content and topic. Oral Presentation Oral presentations report on a variety of areas including learnings from lived experience; original, methodical, data-based research; the application or testing of theory to programs or activities; or learnings from new or existing programs. The focus of oral presentations must be on the provision of new knowledge and learnings, such as program outcomes or research results. Descriptions of services, programs or activities which do not provide new information are not suitable for inclusion. The Program Advisory committee may assign oral presentation proposals to other presentation formats based on content and topic. Soapbox Speeches In the fine tradition of soapbox presentations and Speakers Corners around the world, presenters will be allocated 5 minutes to present as they wish. Soapbox speeches will be scheduled during break times and should aim at stimulating discussion unique or be provocative (although following principles of safe practice in suicide prevention). The soapbox Speeches were one of the most positively received presentations of the 2017 Conference.

Posters buy report on a variety of areas including lived experience, programs, original research the application or testing of theory to new programs or activities or review and synthesis of research. Posters that present new and innovative findings and include implications for practice are actively encouraged. Posters which describe existing programs rather than present new information will usually be declined. Presenters are responsible for designing and printing their posters as well as on-site management, including ensuring they are displayed and removed as per instructions provided to included poster presenters. The Program Advisory committee may assign short oral (poster) proposals to other presentation formats based on content and topic. Workshop Workshops have a practical focus and often describe innovative or best practices, or programs in communities, schools, healthcare or other settings. Workshops should include underlying theory or research, case studies, evaluation and lessons learned.

thesis submission

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Each short oral presentation will be accompanied by a poster will be on display for the duration of the conference. Posters receive a higher exposure than standard oral presentations, because they are available to all attendees to view. Poster presenters usually have paper a larger audience and are better able to interact with their audience and answer questions one-on-one. We will again be acknowledging excellent posters. In 2018, there will be three different poster awards: Best academic poster Best academic student / early career (less than 5 years) poster Best non-academic poster A broad variety of poster styles and presentations is encouraged. Non-academic posters do not need to conform with standard academic poster practice. Poster presentations are encouraged from both academic and non-academic presenters.

Presentation idea submissions close.00pm (aest) Wednesday, 31st January 2018 Late submissions will not be accepted. All presentation idea submissions must be made using the online system. Presentation Format Presentation format options Following feedback that students would like increased opportunities to be involved with the conference, we are introducing a fifth presentation mode based on the 3 minute thesis format. While authors are able to select their preferred method of presentation, the final format is at the discretion of the Program Advisory committee. Depending on the need of the conference program, presentations may be deemed more suitable for a different presentation format than the author originally requests. Presentation formats are:. Short Oral (Poster) Presentation (5 minutes) In 2018 we continue to feature poster Presentations at the conference, including a dedicated session for posters to be orally presented to the audience. In response to your feedback from previous years, we will be including an optional short oral presentation with each poster.

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thesis submission

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Clarity of the intent and purpose proposed presentation. Legibility of application (including grammar, spelling, completeness of responses). Meaningful Engagement of people who Identify as having a lived Experience of suicide. We encourage all suicide prevention research, programs and planning to include the voice of lived experience. Although in some presentations this will not be summary possible (eg literature reviews where possible presenters should include viewpoints from individuals with a lived experience of suicide and/or consider co-presenting with a person who can share their perspective on the topic, based on a personal lived. Think carefully about how you engaged lived experience (if appropriate) in your work.

Did you engage people with lived experience in the program design, formulating the research questions, on a steering committee for the service? If you are speaking from a perspective of lived experience, did you engage with anyone else who has a lived experience of suicide (and how did you do this)? Merely delivering a program to people with lived experience without involving lived experience in the planning does not constitute inclusion of lived experience. Perspectives from lived experience must be focused on lessons learned and look to how future outcomes can be improved for those touched by suicide, sharing a story with a clear purpose. Proposed presentation ideas will be reviewed by the Program Advisory committee. Subject area experts will be engaged by the committee to assist in the process. The call for papers receives many more submissions than the committee can accept; as such, we encourage applicants to provide as thorough a submission as possible given the increasing interest of this process.

It is expected that submissions are based on new information and/or completed work, or those that will be completed prior to presentation at the conference. Presentations that show new knowledge has been generated and that attempt to bridge the gap between research, policy, practice and lived experience are preferred. Before you begin your online submission, the nspc program will be made available to delegates on the conference app, suitable for smartphone or tablet. The data submitted through the online system will be directly transferred to the app. It is essential that all information is entered using correct spelling and punctuation, ready for publication. Submissions which are not suitable for including in the app because of typographical errors, incomplete sentences etc will not be accepted.

Below is a list of all fields you will be required to enter when submitting a presentation idea. All fields are mandatory. Please review this list before entering the application portal. It is recommended you prepare all text in Word, checking your character limits (including spaces and then copy and paste into the online system. Presentation ideas are assessed based on the following criteria: Demonstration of quality and/or quality improvement. Inclusion of new and/or novel approaches, new initiatives, emerging fields, new research, new un-presented material or wisdom of lived experience. Meaningful engagement of people who identify as having a lived experience of suicide (see below). Identification of lessons learned that can be applied in the sector or to specific communities, or practical implications of the work.

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With tools to take the legwork out of journal management and dedicated customer support, running an academic journal has never been easier. (Oral, poster, symposia, workshops soapboxes). Thank you for your interest in making a reviews presentation at the 2018 National suicide Prevention Conference. Please be advised that presentation idea submissions will open. Wednesday, 1st november 2017. 1 november 2017, presentation idea submission portal opens 1 December 2017, bursary scholarship applications open Presentation idea submission portal closes 28 February 2018, bursary scholarship applications close, presentation authors advised of outcome registration opens, early bird registration closes, last date for speakers to register. Submission, guidelines, there are a number of requirements for presentation submissions at the national suicide Prevention Conference (nspc). Submissions can be made online using the official nspc portal, accessed via m/2018nspc/presentationportal. Depending on whether you would like to submit an academic, suicide prevention program / project / service, lived experience or alternative / other presentation, you will be asked different questions.

thesis submission

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Thesis submission
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  2. Thesis, that Sex Abuse Is caused by Egalitarianism. This historic decision marks the first time that Rheumatic fever (RF) and Rheumatic heart Disease (RHD) have been recognised as global health priorities on the world stage. There are a number of requirements for presentation submissions at the national suicide Prevention Conference (nspc).

  3. Tech thesis projects which is considered for the research. Until the mid-19th century, advanced degrees were not a criterion for professorships at most colleges. That began to change as the more ambitious scholars at major schools went to germany for 1 to 3 years to obtain a phD in the sciences or humanities. John Pipers Dangerous and Misinformed.

  4. This post, written by a phD student, who wishes to stay anonymous, was sent to me late last year. Due to my new job, it s taken me a long time to edit it down and make sure it doesn t identify the student or their supervisor. Tech thesis guidance: Our r d team provides the research guidance and support for ieee.

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