Leadership aspiration statement

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leadership aspiration statement

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The course required completing a set of hours of voluntary work. I have successfully completed fifty-one hours of voluntary work, which has awarded me a bronze certificate in volunteering work. The hours included organising and leading community sports events for different local schools. One of the events i organised was at a special needs school. This now enabled me to further develop my communication skills. In my spare time, i like to be energetic and spontaneous by playing outdoor activities such as football and hockey. In both these sport I have represented them at district level. Furthermore, i am currently playing semi-pro football for Manford way football Club).

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The physiotherapists who worked at the event came from different regions of the country in order to assist the athletes. One of the main Knowledge that I had obtained from this experience was that the elite physiotherapist had to purchase their own equipment in order for them to provide an excellent and efficient service. In addition to this, my experience on this day also taught me how to perform strokes such as; effulge stroke, longitudinal needing, transverse needing and I became familiar with key words used in the physiotherapist industry such as tappomoe, hacking, trigger pointing, muscle energy techniques. In order to further my experience, i studied through a book called Clinical sports medicine. The book contained a variety of information useful for physiotherapists such as, acute injuries and overuse injuries which where topics that were highlighted mainly in the book. Additionally, i also had further work experience in the radiography departments in both hospitals and clinics. I believe the experience i gained report gave me a glimpse of the radiography side in the physiotherapy industry. This benefits me as it opens my options in the physiotherapy industry. During this year I was selected to be on the sports bursary scheme, which then enabled me to have further my work experience. My high quantity of motivation levels, has allowed me to achieve a variety of qualifications and awards. This year I was awarded the 'community Sports.

In addition to this, my flexibility enables me to adapt to different situations. I believe this is critically important as during the day of a physiotherapist they will need to adapt to the different patients needs. Excellent communication skills is what is required in a degree such as this and I believe i posses this in huge quantities. Furthermore, i also believe that this flexibility offers me the chance to fully adapt to the frantic university environment. Moreover, my deep love for management science has always acted as a foundation for my constant pursue of a physiotherapy degree. During this year i attended the 2008 British athlete league (bal which was held at Windsor. Furthermore this was a hugely prestigious event, which only allowed the elite athletes to participate at the event.

leadership aspiration statement

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The movement is a means to an end. The end is Nigeria, unshackled, united, dynamic, strong, secure, cohesive, stable, and prosperous at home and respected outside, and as result, able to play decisive roles assertively within the comity of nations. A nigeria of hope, aspiration and assurances which belongs to all with no sacred cow nor sacrificial lamb is what we want. My nigeria, your Nigeria and our Nigeria with enchanting present and secure and glorious future. Join the movement to build a new Nigeria that will be in the hands of God. Pursuing a career in the physiotherapy industry has been my major aspiration since a young age. This degree maintains a combination of sport and science, which makes it suitable for me, as I have a huge passion for both learning areas. Furthermore, being an energetic individual the practical approach to science has been hugely appealing. Another significant reason for me choosing a physiotherapy degree is because i generally like to encourage good health and fitness.

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leadership aspiration statement

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It must work to bring about a new democratic thesis and efficient Nigeria. The movement must speak up boldly and bluntly about the truth but politely in accordance with African culture. The movement will also act collectively with political awareness, social responsibility, sustained and sustainable economic development and progress. Timidity and cowardice must not be part of its make-up or culture and neither must there be indifference. He who keeps quiet, inactive and indifferent in the face of bad act is an accomplice to that act. Self-interest, self-centredness and selfishness must be put aside. National interest must be paramount.

The movement will teach what it believes and practice what it teaches. It is necessary to make it clear that this movement does not regard itself as a third force. It sees itself as a popular movement that can accommodate all Nigerians irrespective of their political interest or affiliations and will propel Nigeria forward. Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians to be made right and the coalition with others of the same view and like minds will leave no stone unturned to actualise god-given potentials of our country. The movement will spearhead process, programme, policies and priorities to make nigeria a great country playing its expected roles within West Africa, africa and the world. Nigerian youth will be emboldened, empowered, have employment, and play meaningful and responsible roles in the leadership and governance of the country in all ramifications. Nigerian women will have dignity, responsibility and equal consideration with men in the affairs of Nigeria.

Of course, the membership will be free to collectively decide on whether cnm becomes a political party. If the movement decides to transform itself and go into partisan politics, i will cease to be a member. And as a member for now, i accept all the conditions attached to membership of the coalition. We must promote the cnm and mobilise membership all over the country including membership from the diaspora. This is an opportunity for women and men, especially youths who have hitherto been feeling marginalised and helpless to go all out and bring friends and families into the cnm fold.

The cnm will remain a popular socio-economic movement open to all Nigerians who believe in the greatness of Nigeria and are ready to contribute. Some people have started worrying about the problem of personalities, in which some, in other efforts allocate positions to themselves. This movement is not about personality or personalities; but about platform and system. Our system so far has not given us what we must have. For the first time we are building a platform from bottom-up. The movements base is the grassroots and the people all the people. When the platform is formed and the new system is put in place, the movement may decide to sponsor/support candidates or transform itself into a political machine for that purpose. A socio-economic popular movement needs to be the new vehicle to give hope to the youths, dignity and encouragement to women and security, confidence, and a promising future to all Nigerians.

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To avoid such non-integrative situation, we have the national Assembly and student the federal Character Commission, both institutions which must raise alarm or call for correction of actions by the executive that violates the spirit of our constitution. In like manner, the spate of violence, criminality, organised crime, insurgency and terrorism have not received sufficient proactive ameliorative responses through transformational leadership a determined leadership that brings cohesion and wholesomeness to the polity. Nobody and no group should feel excluded in his or her own country. Inclusion and popular participation must be visibly pursued in terms of politics, the economy and our overall social life. I am happy to be a member of the coalition for Nigeria movement. The movement is a pressure point towards good governance. This is the commencement for our popular and grassroots association.

leadership aspiration statement

of political leadership and governance. Like all countries, nigeria has many challenges. That, by itself, is not what we should worry about. What should matter is how, when and with what instruments we address or fail to address these challenges or create more problems. Let me emphasise important areas, programme, priorities, or processes for improved attention. To start with, we seem to have taken nation-building for granted. Nation-building must be given continued attention to give every citizen a feeling of belonging and a stake in his or her country. For instance, the federal character principle, as espoused in our constitution, was to guide the leadership to search for competent holders of major offices to be distributed within the entire nation and avoid the concentration in a few ethnic hands or geographical places.

I also took liberty to offer advice politely knowing fully well that my advice could be heeded or may be ignored. However, heeded or not, i strongly believe that Nigeria cannot continue with business as usual. So, i proffered a way out or a way forward. If the instruments we have used so far in our nation-building and governance since independence have not served us well, it is imperative that we should rethink and retool. It was Einstein who stated that it would amount to height of folly for anybody or any group to continue to do things in the same way and expect different results. Coalition for Nigeria movement is proposed as the new direction to mobilise our population for unity, cooperation, development, rule of law, employment, law and order, justice, integration, peace, security, stability, welfare and well-being. In these regards, special attention resume and space must be given to youths and women, who in most cases, have been victims and underlings.

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Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo on Thursday formally registered with his coalition for Nigeria movement(CNM). During his registration in oke-ileowo, abeokuta, the former leader predicted that cnm will emerge victorious in the 2019 Elections. He added that the party was already on course to defeat both the apc and pdp at the polls. Below is a transcript of his full statement obtained by politicsNGR; statement. E olusegun obasanjo on the occasion of his registration for coalition for nigerian movement. Ladies and Gentlemen and members of the fourth Estate of the realm, i welcome you to this simple but important ceremony of my registering as a member of the coalition for Nigeria movement and I thank you for being here. Last week, i issued a statement which I did not do lightly or frivolously but out of deep concern for the situation of our country. I gave an expose on some aspects of our situations as I have observed them.

Leadership aspiration statement
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Statement of the national Executive committee on the occasion of the 105th Anniversary of the African National Congress., orlando, soweto, gauteng. A school mission statement can help you decide if what they offer and the way they provide it lines up with your educational goals.

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  2. Our Mission is to own and develop financially disciplined businesses that are leaders in responsibly providing adult tobacco and wine consumers with superior branded products. Pursuing a career in the physiotherapy industry has been my major aspiration since a young age. This degree maintains a combination of sport and science, which makes it suitable for me, as I have a huge passion for both learning areas.

  3. Explore our articles and resources including: Ask an Expert, Global leadership, stories, leadership, reflections, Thoughts on the model, and Tips techniques. Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo on Thursday formally registered with his coalition for Nigeria movement(CNM). During his registration in oke-ileowo, abeokuta, the former leader predicted that cnm will emerge victorious in the 2019 Elections.

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