Essay on advertisement promote sales

Advertisement promote sales essay

essay on advertisement promote sales

Essay, on, advertisement - the role Of, advertisement

And lastly we have collision behavior where firms may want to eliminate other from the market so they can dominate the market. Political issues in micro and macro environment. In analyzing micro and macro environment company need to look at political issues of these environments this is mainly because political stability of any country or state is more important in economic development of the country. Microenvironment deals with a specific market while macro environment deals with a segmented market. Environment with political instability makes investment expensive and difficult since there is no proper laid down procedures in carrying business in that environment. The market is not reliable and one cannot be able to export his products or import raw materials into that country.

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Finally, existing competitors assess their structures to maximize their market share. In order to maximize the market share, a company must have good price, right product in the right place and forgetting use good means to give information (promote). This is known as marketing mix. Competitive advantage ensures that the product is the best in the market in terms of performance, durability, and design among others. . Distribution also ensures good location, there is quick delivery, systematic re-ordering of purchases. Promotion involves use of right methods of advertising and demonstrations to consumers. Firms have different competitive behavior in the market, the behavior in the market can be in the following ways; it can be in form of conflict where firms use different methods to dominate the market this method can be inform of dirty tricks, advertising. There is competitive behavior where firms will want to overdo one another in terms of prices, product and services they offer to customers. We have also coexistence behavior where firms accommodate oil each other in the market. There is also cooperation behavior where firms merge together in the market in order to achieve their goals of giving better services and products to the people.

Analyzing competitors and creating a competitive advantage. Companies may compete in many ways like pricing of student their products, location, customer service, and customization of their products. Direct competitors have same or related goods such as hp and Dell, lg and Samsung while indirect competitors deal with different products or services but share the sector and place like cinema and discos. In assessing competitive structure, models used include; there is threat from those entering the market for the first time whereby they come with new products which saturate the market. Substitutes also provide threat such that customer have a wide range to choose from. Bargaining power of suppliers also assess the competitive structure among existing competitors such that they make costs differ hence different price of the end products. Buyers too have different bargaining powers leading to different selling price.

essay on advertisement promote sales

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These gifts and free samples give consumers opportunity to use the product before they use. Disadvantage of using TVs is expensive to advertise through them, and information reaches those who own the tv sets only and are watching during the time the advertisement is put across. For personal selling, there is convincing and negotiation which leads to more sales unlike radio or newspaper which is passive. Other thesis promotion methods include use of billboards which are visible to attract the attention of potential consumers. The appropriateness and suitability of the method of promotion depends on the targeted group, resources available and the objective of the organization. For example, if its main objective is to promote awareness and increase volume of sales, it can use radio, tvs and print media. When targeting particular location it can use posters, billboards and personal selling to give information and increase volumes. When a company needs to achieve many objectives at the same time, they can combine two or more means to achieve them.

The advantages of the models includes market attractiveness which makes the product to be sold easily in the market and also it strengthens the competition which will favor the companys product however this models are difficulty to implement and does not suit all the departments. Promotions, in order to increase sales, organizations are engaging in different ways to promote their sales. Some of the methods used include use of mass media such as televisions, radio, and print media. They also use personal selling whereby they face to face communicate with potential buyers in order to convince them to buy. Advantage of using TVs is product can be seen and heard thus appealing to the customer, the coverage is large hence many consumers receive the information unlike personal selling is limited to the location and number of people at a time. Radio also reaches a large audience hence the targeted market receives information at the same time. Gifts and free samples also promote sales such that it attracts customers to experience the new product or existing products which have been rebranded, packaged, changed price or size.

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essay on advertisement promote sales

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Different factors which may proposal include product, price, place, and promotion affect decision making. These four modules are internal and are referred to as micro whereby an organization has control over. There are external factors (macro) whereby an organization has no control over which include political factors, economic factors like inflation, legal factors. Products, a product is any tangible good that can be exchanged for certain value, in marketing products can be in form of individual product or multiple products. Individual products are sold in single.

It is sold alone while multiple products sold with other products. Tv set and antennae. Individual products do not depend on the demand of another product while multiple products may depend on the demand of others. The company can have different strategic marketing which may include product specialization during production, market specialization during distribution and full market coverage during sales and marketing. The strategies may include product development, market penetration and expansion, invention and innovations etc.

Factors such as lifestyle, attitude, social class, family, culture determine the behavior of the consumer. Introduction to marketing management, segmentation, targeting, positioning and marketing environment. Segmentation is the division of the market into similar group of customers with similar product requirements in order to improve the products sales volume. There are four level of segmentation which include mass marketing where there is no segmentation; product is sold in the market to all consumers, there is also niche marketing where a portion of market is targeted for a particular product for example a bank account. Also there is segment market where a market is divided into two or more groups and different market strategies are applied for the same product in order to increase number of customers.

Finally there is micro-marketing which involves targeting specific group or location. School, hospital in order to get maximum customers. Market target is whereby there is concentration on a particular segment of the market in providing product and services to the consumers. There are different market strategies which involves; single segment strategy where a company identifies a segment which it concentrates in providing goods and services, there is also selective specialization where a company can identify two or more segment which it specializes in proving goods and. Full market coverage serves the entire market by using mass market strategy or other market mix strategies. Perceptual mapping is one of the techniques employed by market researchers to present consumer views of a product. It helps to improve the sales by incorporating the views given by consumers in relation to prices, sizes, and packaging methods.

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Producers, resellers, governments and institutions. Consumers and organizational buyers have different buying processes, in consumer buying they have the resume friendship following process; firstly there is need recognition where a consumer identifies the need of a particular commodity, secondly there is information gathering where the consumer searches information on the satisfaction. The information can be gotten from friends, personal experience, and public advertisement, thirdly the consumer evaluate the available alternatives which can satisfy his needs, fourthly the consumer can make a purchase after the consumer has been satisfied with the product. Meets the needs and has the solution the consumer can buy the product and lastly there is post purchase evaluation where the consumer looks whether the product meet his/her needs. Organizational buyers follow a different buying process which is as follows; first there is need identification where the organization recognizes the need of a particular product. Secondly, the organization identifies the characteristics and the quantities of the goods required. Thirdly it prepares the guides which will help the purchasing department, fourthly the organization looks for the best places where they can get the product, there is acquisition and looking into the proposals and then they evaluate and choose the best supplier, after that there. Both consumer and organizational buyers are involved in many ways in the market, consumers buy small quantities while organizations buy in large quantities, the number of costumer also differ as individual consumers are many compared to organizational buyers, organizational buyers are concentrated and they buy. In individual buyers, decision making is personal whereas different departments such as finance, purchases and human resources are involved in organizational buyers.

essay on advertisement promote sales

late after work tired and exhausted. Douglas Holts and Bob Garfields advertising strategies. Advertising will never stop playing its significant role in the trading process of any country. Advertising does not simply attract consumers it works for become an integral part of the contemporary society. Every person whatsoever connected to the sphere of advertising knows the names of Bob Garfield and douglas Holt. These two people did not create any absolutely new philosophies of advertising but owing to the critical analysis of the existing advertising patterns they managed to gather the experience of hundred of companies and made a code of advertising regularities from. Costs optimization essay self-seal envelopes, pre-pasted envelopes substantially save time and offer almost unlimited opportunities for companys advertising: pre-pasted logo and company details will promote the knowledge of our companys across various markets. Consumer and organizational buyers behavior, consumer buyer is the one who purchases goods and services for consumption purposes while organizational buyer is the one who purchases goods and services for either production or re-selling.

It is in the first place about healthy competition, where you are offered products, evaluate the, find what is most suitable for you and buy. But before getting very deep in the analysis of the pop-up ads and web advertising we want to make sure we understand them as the same things. Five categories of Audience levels essay. Advertising has always played a significant role in the trading process of any country. It is often called filsafat the engine of trading. Advertising does not simply attract consumers it has certain division or in other words different categories of audience. Each advertisement has its own purpose, a group of people it is designed to attract.

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LicenseFree download LanguageEnglishPlatform windows, maximize din business efficiency with pos, invoices, Inventory, stock, clients and Suppliers Management. maximize business efficiency with pos, invoices, Inventory, stock, clients and. Pop-up Ads in Web Advertising essay. Advertising has long ago become an integral part of our lives. What once was a very rare thing nowadays is something we see everywhere and something that has become an outstanding trade engine. To make this engine work contemporary businessmen try different kinds of advertising. Advertising is not about bugging.

Essay on advertisement promote sales
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