Essay about my worst day ever

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essay about my worst day ever

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There Are no secret Trails Left. Before visiting, i had hopes of getting lost in the solitude of nature. Because of the landslide on the via dellAmore, most of the trails were closed  to analyze their safety. The worst part was that many tourists were using these trails anyway, possible causing even more damage to these trails, and putting their own safety at risk. There are alternative trails in the high parts of the cliffs, but even these were full of ere was no secret places to get lost in or to get away from the hordes of other people. While theres no arguing that the cinque terre is still a beautiful area, there are better options for discovering the real Italy and seeing the unknown places that youve probably never heard. One of my personal favorites is Florence. Florence has amazing art museums, cathedrals, gardens, and street performers. .

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(A restaurant meal ranged between 25-45 per person!) The hotel rooms were pricey with budget hotels starting at 85 usd a night. (There were hostels, but even those were more expensive than normal.) I guess your paying for the view, but to me, it wasnt worth the price. Drunk-Ass Buckets And Bucket Lists. The cinque terre has become so popular that many people are coming (in droves) to cross it off their bucket list. They have no desire to submerge themselves in the true culture of Italy. Many of them are there on day trips just to see the pretty views, so they can check it off their list. Whats even more strange, is that many of them spend their days in the bars, drinking the drunk-ass buckets and brand miss the beauty that is surrounding them. One sunday, the only place open for breakfast at 7am was the wine bar. There were already people inside drinking wine flights that early in the morning! I guess Ill never understand people who spend thousands of dollars to visit a place, and then dull their senses to it when they arrive.

She happened to be a tour guide, and she, too, was lamenting at the number of people around. But, she warned me, it got much busier in high season, and she told me i was lucky to be visiting when I was. I had to stand in line to take almost every photo that I took there, and never felt like i was in an authentic Italian town. Instead, it felt like a cleaned up, disneyfied short version. This was not the Italy i had come to know and love. Mediocre food, after spending almost a month eating my way through Sicily and Sardinia, i was completely disappointed in the touristy food that was being served in most of the restaurants of the cinque terre. I tried to find restaurants in the cinque terre that catered more to the locals than the tourists, but when I did, there still seemed to be a complete lack of attention to the preparation of the food. Compared to other parts of Italy i visited, everything was overpriced. The food was more expensive.

essay about my worst day ever

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On my travels, nature is what speaks to me the most and I had a vision of submerging myself in the energy of this beautiful place. I envisioned a sleepy Italian fishing village that would be similar to what I had experienced in, trapani. . Unfortunately, for me, the cinque terre turned out to be the worst place i had ever visited. Herds of people, even though, this was supposed to be the off-season, there were herds of people everywhere. To walk the few steps from the train to any village, would take at least twenty minutes. The crowds werent just around when getting off the train, though. Along the back streets, on the beaches, in the restaurants. One day, i was relieved to find thesis a park bench overlooking a gorgeous view, and there was only one other person around.


Not just because 20, or because i am much more secure in my career now than I was then, and not because Im still angry. Im telling my story because there may be others. I want to have the same effect on them that Congresswoman Jackie speier had. I want them, and all the other victims of sexual assault, to be able to speak out immediately, and not keep their stories and their anger locked up inside for years, or decades. I want the days of silence to be over forever. Leeann Tweeden is morning news anchor on TalkRadio 790 kabc in Los Angeles. By paradise in, travel Tips, when I planned my trip to europe, the cinque terre was one of the places I looked forward to visiting most. I would be going in April, during off-season, and really looked forward to encountering this place I had heard so much about.

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essay about my worst day ever

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I am angry that I didnt call him out in front of everyone when I had the microphone in my hand every night after that. But I didnt want to rock the boat. I was there to entertain the troops and make sure they forgot about where they were for a few hours. Someday, i thought to myself, i would tell my story. That day is now. Senator Franken, you wrote the script. .

But theres nothing funny about sexual assault. You wrote the scene that would include you kissing me and then relentlessly badgered me into rehearsing the kiss with you backstage when we were alone. You knew exactly what you were doing. You forcibly kissed me without my consent, grabbed my breasts while I was sleeping and had someone ebert take a photo of you doing it, knowing I would see it later, and be ashamed. While debating whether or not to go public, i even thought to myself, so much worse has happened to so many others, maybe my story isnt worth telling? But my story is worth telling.

But that was then, this is now. Im no longer afraid. Today, i am the news anchor. McIntyre in the morning on kabc radio in Los Angeles. My colleagues are some of the most supportive people ive ever worked with in my career. . like everyone in the media, weve been reporting on the harvey weinstein sexual misconduct allegations since they broke, and the flood of similar stories that have come out about others.

A few weeks ago, we had California congresswoman Jackie speier on the show and she told us her story of being sexually assaulted when she was a young Congressional aide. She described how a powerful man in the office where she worked held her face, kissed her and stuck his tongue in her mouth. At that moment, i thought to myself, Al Franken did that exact same thing. I had locked up those memories of helplessness and violation for a long time, but they all came rushing back to me and my hands clinched into fists like it was yesterday. Im still angry at what Al Franken did. Every time i hear his voice or see his face, i am angry. I am angry that I did his stupid skit for the rest of that tour. .

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The tour wrapped and on Christmas eve we began the 36-hour trip home. After 2 weeks of grueling travel and performing I was exhausted. When our C-17 cargo plane took off from Afghanistan i immediately fell asleep, even though I was still wearing my flak vest and kevlar helmet. It wasnt until I was back in the us and looking through the cd essay of photos we were given by the photographer that I saw this one: I couldnt believe. He groped me, without my consent, while i was asleep. I felt violated all over again. How dare anyone grab my breasts like this and think its funny? I told my husband everything that happened and showed him the picture. I wanted to shout my story to the world with a megaphone to anyone who would listen, but even as angry as I was, I was worried about the potential backlash and damage going public might have on my career as a broadcaster.

essay about my worst day ever

I didnt tell our uso rep what happened. At the time i didnt want to cause trouble. We were in the middle of a war zone, it was the first show of our Holiday tour, i was a professional, and ezra I could take care of myself. I told a few of the others on the tour what Franken had done and they knew how I felt about. I tried to let it go, but I was angry. Other than our dialogue on stage, i never had a voluntary conversation with Al Franken again. I avoided him as much as possible and made sure i was never alone with him again for the rest of the tour. Franken repaid me with petty insults, including drawing devil horns on at least one of the headshots I was autographing for the troops. But he didnt stop there.

the back of my head, mashed his lips against mine and aggressively stuck his tongue in my mouth. I immediately pushed him away with both of my hands against his chest and told him if he ever did that to me again I wouldnt be so nice about it the next time. All I could think about was getting to a bathroom as fast as possible to rinse the taste of him out of my mouth. I felt disgusted and violated. Not long after, i performed the skit as written, carefully turning my head so he couldnt kiss me on the lips. No one saw what happened backstage. I didnt tell the sergeant Major of the Army, who was the sponsor of the tour.

When I saw the script, Franken had written a moment when his character comes at me for a kiss. I suspected what he was after, but I figured I could turn my head at the last minute, or put my hand over his mouth, to get more laughs from the crowd. On the day of the show Franken and I were alone backstage going over our lines one rainbow last time. He said to me, We need to rehearse the kiss. I laughed and ignored him. . Then he said it again. I said something like, Relax Al, this isnt snlwe dont need to rehearse the kiss. He continued to insist, and I was beginning to get uncomfortable.

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By leeann Tweeden, in December of 2006, i embarked on my ninth uso tour to entertain our troops, my eighth to the middle east since the 9/11 attacks. My father served in vietnam and my then-boyfriend (and now husband, Chris) is a pilot in the air Force, so bringing a little piece of home to servicemembers stationed far away from their families was both my passion and my privilege. Also on the trip were country music artists Darryl Worley, mark wills, keni Thomas, and some din cheerleaders from the dallas Cowboys. The headliner was comedian and now-senator, Al Franken. Franken had written some skits for the show and brought props and costumes to go along with them. Like many uso shows before and since, the skits were full of sexual innuendo geared toward a young, male audience. As a tv host and sports broadcaster, as well as a model familiar to the audience from the covers of fhm, maxim and Playboy, i was only expecting to emcee and introduce the acts, but Franken said he had written a part for me that.

Essay about my worst day ever
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  1. The cinque terre in Italy was the worst place i've ever been. Here are 5 reasons why. I was sitting in a large meditation hall in a converted novitiate in central Massachusetts when I reached into my pocket for my iphone. A woman in the front of the room gamely held a basket in front of her, beaming beneficently, like a priest with a collection plate.

  2. In December of 2006, i embarked on my ninth uso tour to entertain our troops, my eighth to the middle east since the 9/11 attacks. Last month, Isaac Fitzgerald, the newly hired editor of buzzfeed's newly created books section, made a remarkable but not entirely surprising announcement: he was not interested in publishing negative book reviews. I made the okcupid profile of the worst Woman on Earth, hoping to prove that there exists an online dating profile so loathsome that no man would message.

  3. It's been many years since henry rollins had his essay iron and the soul published in Details magazine, but the message remains as clear as ever. I originally introduced the term orthorexia in the article below, published in the October 1997 issue of Yoga journal. Some of the things I said in the article are no longer true of me, or of what I currently believe.

  4. Check out our list of top 70 narrative essay topics and find an idea for your own one! When you don't have a clue what to write in your narrative essay, order a custom-written essay on our order page. I went on a date with aziz ansari. It turned into the worst night of my life.

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  6. The dadly virtues: Adventures from the worst Job you'll ever love hardcover may 18, 2015. My shame was somewhat mitigated when I saw a kid wearing a random t-shirt and jeans with a pair of swim goggles around his neck (Michael Phelps) and another girl with a piece of paper taped to her shirt with her characters name written. The worst pitching performance in the history of baseball began innocently.

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